Netflix anime movie ‘Monster Hunter’ 8/12 distribution starts.

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The exclusive distribution of the Netflix anime movie ” Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild” will start on August 12 on the  video distribution service ” Netflix.” The trailer & critical art has been lifted.

“Monster Hunter” series has gained explosive popularity worldwide, starting with the PlayStation 2 software “Monster Hunter” released by Capcom in 2004, and a total of 72 million series A hunting action game that has recorded sales (as of March 31, 2021). The hunting of monsters in the beautiful wilderness caused a social phenomenon as a game that built a new communication style between players. In addition, this year’s series development is an entirely new work for Nintendo Switch “Monster Hunter Rise “Is on sale from March 26.

The latest in the series, “Monster Hunter Stories 2-Wings of Ruin-” has just been released on July 9. The Netflix animation movie born from such a world-famous game is set in a world where humans, nature, and giant monsters coexist while maintaining their respective balances, inheriting the game’s worldview. Aiden, a young man who protects the village as a “self-proclaimed hunter” in a remote town, learns that one day his village is under the threat of a mysterious monster . Having to find a way to protect the city, Aiden leaves his hometown and embarks on an unknown adventure with Julius, a leading hunter in the Hunters Guild, and his friends.

The main character of this work, Aiden, is the same person as the “leading rookie” of the game “Monster Hunter 4” and the “cheerful recommendation group” of the game “Monster Hunter: World,” and the story before he became a full-fledged monster hunter. It is an original story focusing on characters in the Monster Hunter world that have never been revealed.

You can immediately enjoy the dynamic images of the giant monsters that appear everywhere Aiden and his friends move in all directions in the trailer. Furthermore, nature, such as the burning earth and a large amount of rockfall, begins to rage, and the tension that the balance of this world is lost is approaching. It also shows Julius talking to Aiden and teaching him about hunting, and you’ll be wondering if Aiden can grow into a true hunter in the course of his adventure.

The critical art depicts a monster that eerily emerges in a flame that seems to burn everything, and hunters look forward powerfully. It becomes a visual that raises expectations for what kind of adventure the world is waiting for. Ing.

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