Will Dai no Daibouken affect the real world? Marriage rush topics include the anime Brave Dai World Savior Avan-sensei, Michopara marriage

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The 100th episode (final episode) of the popular anime “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai” (TV Tokyo series, every Saturday from 9:30 a.m.) was broadcast on the 22nd, and Avan, the master of the main character Dai, got married to Flora. So flowed. Then, right after the broadcast, models Shimon Okura (29) and Miyu Ikeda (23), comedy duo Timondi Takagishi Hiroyuki (30) and actor Sawai Miyu (34) announced their marriage. So thanks to that, everyone got married,” and “marriage rush!”

Episode 100 of “Dai no Daibouken” broadcasted “Farewell! Beloved Earth” is Dai, who has turned into a dragon demon, and Baan, who has transformed into King Ogre, collide with each other for the last time. ,

The battle between the hero and the Great Demon King has been settled for a long time. Bringing peace to the world, it depicts how Avan and Flora got married and the story of Pop and his friends afterwards.

After about two years of history since the start of broadcasting in October 2020, the fan’s impressions have been rising one after another on the Internet, and “Dai no Daibouken” has become the number one trend on Twitter. Then, after the broadcast, Okura and Ikeda, Takagishi and Sawai continued to report their marriage, and the word “marriage rush” entered the trend.

In the world of the anime “The Adventures of Dai”, characters got married, and reports of marriages continued in the real world as well. Oh, congratulations on No. 1 in Dai’s Great Adventure trend Michopa, congratulations on your wedding,” “Thanks to Dai the brave, the world has become peaceful. And this is the marriage rush,” and “Dai effect is amazing!”.

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