Snow Man Daisuke Sakuma “anan”‘s first independent cover “Real Hero” embodied in the anime feature

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Popular group Snow Man’s Daisuke Sakuma will be the first solo cover of the gravure magazine “anan” (published by Magazine House) released on the 30th. Sakuma, who has the catchphrase of “Anime Otaku and Snow Man,” appears on the cover of the magazine’s anime feature. Overwhelmingly fantastic performance, cuteness like a small animal, glossiness that can’t be helped, and “I like anime!”. Extraordinary power is precisely the real hero who descends to the present age. So, as the main character who descends to the current period in the magazine, I shot it with the image of an anime series—finished in “explosive cool” gravure.

The cover was shot with a dramatic world view of light and shadow, like a hero animation, based on Sakuma’s idea. The lean and sharpened body and the blue eyes are full of coolness. In the gravure, it is developed in 3 chapters as a hero story of the leading actor, Sakuma. It is an exceptional hero gravure that condenses only the delicious parts of the climax that makes you think, “I wanted to see such a scene!” In every session.

In the first episode, “Daisuke Sakuma, become a hero!”, Turn over the long coat and move dramatically toward the light that shines in. As a super cool anime hero, decorate the grand opening. The second episode is “Daisuke Sakuma, a fleeting rest.” The moment you change into loose loungewear and relax in bed is full of cuteness. The third episode is “Daisuke Sakuma, desperate!”. The climax of the hero anime is the appearance of a desperate pinch in the rain. Sakuma says, “I challenged myself with the image of shooting a movie,” showing the “soaked hero” of Konshin.

Of course, pay attention to the interview where the love of anime overflowed endlessly. He enthusiastically talks about the scenes that influenced him while he was involved in entertainment and how he works hard every day because he has a deep love for “pushing” himself. A mini-column also proposes solutions from Sakuma’s point of view in various pinches related to “pushing activities.”

The unique feature is “Now, our favourite recommendation! Anime 2022”. With high-quality animation and a deep story, animation works that make children and adults crazy are being created. Risa Wataya, Matsunojo Kanda, Sei Shiraishi, Misato Ugaki, Tianjin Mukai, Toshihiko Takamizawa, Masayoshi Oishi, and others talk about their passion for such works and characters, and also introduce four new spring animations in detail.

Also, from the 2.5-dimensional stage, the world of “Touken Ranbu” Takuma Wada, Hiroki Nanami, movies, and the stage of MANKAISTAGE “A3!” Will be featured. And there is also a unique project for the film “Osomatsu-san,” which is full of photographs taken from the warehouse. Short-term intensive Close Up In the final episode, five people from Lil Kansai (Kansai Johnny’s Jr.) will appear.

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