One Piece LA: Who Are The Shichibukai Of The Sea?

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One Piece Live Action introduced the powerful pirates for the first time. For anime fans, a few “wanted” posters reveal the familiar thieves Luffy will encounter on his journey. The movie has a quick poster, but it expands on the world of One Piece, letting the crew know that there are powerful enemies in their midst and a mysterious treasure. There are many types of thieves, each with a unique name. The higher the number, the more dangerous the pirate is, and it will take more power to take him down. As a result, the government only deals with thieves who show that they can use it to meet their needs. The ability to defeat bandits in large numbers is a characteristic of all generals.

An interesting type of pirate is those with the name Warlord of the Sea. Governments and criminals are always at odds; Hackers who work for the government oppose anything the hacker means. A pirate’s goal is to live freely on the water without obeying any rules or regulations. The government is working hard to stop pirate activities to ensure the safety of civilians. These two companies have an antagonistic relationship at best. How many soldiers are there?

The first season of the One Piece Live series revealed Dracole Mihawk, the warrior of the sea. Monkey D. Garp requested his mission to capture Luffy before he could escape completely. Soldiers are bandits who deal with the government to avoid persecution, and in return, they hunt down other bandits. The great line is full of mystery and the unknown. Meeting the soldier is part of the mystery of the journey in one Piece.

Mihawk was the first to be introduced, but anime fans know he won’t be the last. Shichibukai is a Japanese word and translates to seven sea warriors; there must always be seven to maintain a delicate balance between the pirates and the government. The number of soldiers gives anyone who thinks the sea is free to roam; a hacker can encounter one every time. A veteran was almost defeated. They all work in the main line and are obstacles that people must be prepared to meet when chasing a piece. Will the Warlords of the Sea take on the Straw Hat Pirates?

Luffy and the Straw Hat crew meet Mihawk at the beginning of their journey. Before they entered the main line, they saw one of the military leaders. Mihawk is just the beginning of what awaits them as their journey continues. Not only are the commanders strong, but they also get government support in their social activities. Seeing a powerful pirate soon shows how far the Straw Hats have to grow if they want to achieve their dreams. Piece’s supporters know that Luffy will meet many warriors and face them in battle, either because of his desire to hunt them down or because he likes them and wants to destroy his workers. The first part of the Straw Hats’ journey puts Luffy in the second fight he and his team will encounter. Facing a soldier is dangerous because the government only hires strong thieves. Later on, Luffy will find himself fighting against warriors; he will eventually fight or befriend and interact with everyone. He meets all the soldiers at one time or another, in the past and in the future, except one. How strong is this army?

The condition for becoming a soldier is to be strong. They must be able to defeat other thieves, and they must be difficult to defeat. Many generals achieved their status by proving themselves invincible, and their ancient charms reflected their strength and experience in the field. Warlords have a reputation that makes other bandits run away from them, and most of them will know to run rather than face a fight. Each person’s strengths are unique; The World Government does not cooperate with them, and because of their power, it is difficult to control. Every warrior has tremendous power. The next fighter to face Luffy will bring him to the brink of death many times in battle. He has a powerful Devil’s Seed that makes him difficult to fight and, as a result, makes Luffy struggle, unlike any opponent he has faced before. Every time Luffy meets a warrior, he is pushed to the limit in battle, and it is difficult for him to survive. Soldiers can destroy large ships, create giant zombies, turn people to stone, control water, the natural enemy of devil seed users, and even throw their victims into the water. Sea soup on various islands. Their powers and abilities vary even among themselves; some are stronger than others. They are much more than ordinary thieves; Their old money is usually between 100 and 500 million fruits, so they are considered as dangerous thieves. To put things into perspective, Luffy had a whopping 30 million fruit at the end of the first season.

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