Nogizaka46, Haruka Kaki ‘I’m Namihei’ How would you compare the 4th generation to a national anime family?

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Haruka Kaki of Nogizaka46 appears on a regular program on TOKYO FM. At the request of the program, I applied the members of the 4th generation to the Sazae-san family.

Kaki: (Reading the request from the program) It’s been a new year, and it’s been a long time. (laughs). Looking at Sazae-san’s family tree. Dad is Namihei and his wife, Fune. The child, Sazae-san, and his siblings, Katsuo-Kun and Wakame-chan. Sazae-san’s husband, Maso-san, child Tara-chan, and cat Tama. (laughs). There are eight people in all. Apply to this !?

There are 16 4th gen members, and I would like to apply half of them to this family tree!

Haruka Kaki thinks “Nogizaka46 her 4th generation family”

Namihei …… Haruka Kaki

First of all, I’m. Namihei (laughs). I was set as “dad” in the 4th grade, so I thought that the Isono family would be Mr Namihei in that position. I don’t say “Bakamon!” (Laughs). Well, is it Namihei …?

Mr Fune …… Mayu Tamura

The setting where I was my husband and Mayutan was my wife was in the 4th grade. So is it here? I thought.

Mayu Tamura has the image of supporting the members of the 4th generation internally while having the gracefulness of an adult woman. I thought that such a place was similar to Fune-san, and I felt that Kappogi would suit him, so I chose Fune-san!

Sazae-san …… Nao Yumiki

This was thought by looking at the character ultimately. Like Sazae-san’s song, she forgets her wallet, chases a cat, etc. Nao Yumiki also feels pretty sloppy? (Smile). Is it a little crap? Fool……? (Smile). But that’s what makes her so cute.

I’ve never seen her forget her wallet, but I think that’s similar to Nao-chan. The first thing that came out was Nao-chan!

Skipjack …… Rei Seimiya

Katsuo was a naughty child, always wearing a hat and holding a baseball bat, like “Nakajima! Let’s go baseball!” I thought that the image of an active boy playing outside was perfect for Rei-chan!

Rei-chan is as bright as the sun, running around, and is a “THE energetic girl”, but she also has a side like an elementary school boy (laughs). I feel that everyone will understand this!

Wakame-chan …… Ayame Tsutsui

She feels calm as Wakame-chan, like, “I can’t help it if I’m an older brother”. She doesn’t follow Katsuo, but she thinks, “I can’t help it”. Even in me … Rei-chan is doing a fluttering wow, with the image that Ayame-chan is saying, “Already, Rei-chan!

Rei and Ayame are very close to each other. I thought that being together as a sibling also applies to Wakame-chan and Katsuo-Kun. These two people immediately came to mind!

Maso-san …… Haruka Kuromi

Mr Maso was very worried. Does she apply? I thought … (laughs). I call Haruka Kuromi “Kuromin”, but Kuromin is a handsome guy.

When I said, “I’m sorry, Kuromin! I’m sorry I asked you!”, He said, “No, not at all! I’m finally here” (laughs). He raises one hand and says with a smooth face. Reliable! I always think. I think that kind of place is Mr Maso. Masuo may not have that kind of image … (laughs).

I think it’s similar to Haruka Kuromi in that it supports me or makes the air feel good … and makes it a fun atmosphere (laughs).

Tara-chan …… Mio Yakubo

Mio Yakubo also does such a cute act that a sound effect can be added to her actions (laughs). Even when Mio-chan is running, she runs with a sound like Tara-chan’s rolling. I want everyone to check it out and see how Mio Yakubo runs!

Tama …… Miyu Matsuo & Yuri Kitagawa

I’m worried about the pet Tama with two people … I think I’ll let the W cast go here (laughs).

For a simple reason, Miyu Matsuo isn’t Tama, a white cat? Miyu Matsuo also has white skin, so I chose Miyu-chan (laughs).

Yuri Kitagawa also has white skin, and she likes the sky. She loves the atmosphere, writing poems for the sky, and looking at the sky while on the move … Tama also went out and looked at the sky on the roof, and I had the image of looking at the sky on the porch. So I chose Yuri-chan!

Extra edition

Also, I thought about it … Ikura-chan is Sayaka Kakehashi. The way I run is pretty (laughs). Mr. Hanazawa is Seira Hayakawa! I didn’t have enough love, but I thought it was Seira Hayakawa (laughs).

Kaki: So … Come on! Next week’s Nogizaka LOCKS!

This is Haruka! Today, I was thinking about the correlation diagram for Sazae-san, a 4th gen member, but could you get to know the 4th gen member and me? I want to introduce the 4th gen members who could not be presented today! Next time … I’m sorry! Not decided!

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