Yoshika suis reveals the reason why he doesn’t show up. ‘The joy of living that I felt by breathing into the work

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Suis, the vocalist of Yorushika who sings the Japanese version of the end song “Shonen Jidai (That Summer Luka ver.).” Disney & Pixar’s latest work, “That Summer Luka,” has been exclusively distributed on Disney Plus. .. Yorushika, a duo with composer n-buna, has a private profile wrapped in a veil, but suis responded to an independent interview as the movie was distributed.

Luca, the main character of “Luka in the Summer,” who reveals the feelings she put into her “boyhood,” is a “sea monster” who lives in the sea world and has the characteristic of becoming a human figure when her body dries. One day Luka rises from the sea and enters the human world, but everything she sees is fresh and fascinating. There, Luka meets a girl named Julia and goes on a summer adventure in the human world with her best friend, Alberto.

“‘Boyhood’ was sung in the position of a boy by Luka.” Suis, who says that Disney works “became seen as an adult,” mainly features Disney Princesses. He says he likes the work. “I long for the princess. I went to see” Frozen “at the time of the release, and recently,” Snow-white and “Sleeping Beauty.” I like singing, so I’m particularly attracted to the musical scenes sung by Disney Princess. “It seems that there was an offer this time, but “It was amazing to be able to participate in that Disney’s work, and I was very honored, but at the time of talking, it was too amazing, and I did not realize it at all. A friend said, “I’m going to do a Disney movie! I received an e-mail saying “?”, But I couldn’t get confused, “said Luis. I finally got the feeling that I was able to participate! “Suis has loved singing since he was little, and he said, “I used to sing humming songs and humming songs that came out, and when I was in elementary and junior high school, I fell in love with karaoke.” He never aimed to be a singer. Regarding his activities as Yorushika, he thinks that he happened to be lucky. “I had another friend with n-buna, who is doing Yorushika with me, and Yorushika invited me. From there, I realized that it was a job. It’s a feeling. “Since making its major debut in 2019, it has been supported mainly by young people, and in February 2020, it won the “34th Japan Gold Disc Award” Best 5 New Artist (Japanese Music). In June of the same year, he provided the theme song “Ghost In A Flower,” the insert song “Yoko,” and the end song “Lie Moon” for the feature film “A Whisker Away” (exclusively distributed on Netflix). It was a sensation. However, suis itself has nothing to do with it. Do you not do research? When I asked a low-key question, “I sometimes ask my name, so I sometimes search for it, but I do not take it as a response so much. But even if there are one or two Yorushika fans, I realize that they are doing it properly. Also, when I hear that they are in the rankings, I feel that the staff are doing their best. “When I heard the impression of watching the completed movie, he said, “I’m full of heart.” “While building friendships with Alberto, who took Luka out of the sea, he met Julia in the human world, and this time Alberto didn’t tell me. To know the wide world. After all, I felt that people want to go to a world they don’t know more and more. That doesn’t mean Luke has given up on Alberto, but he knows Alberto’s bravery and affection. Anyway, I thought Luka had a good encounter this summer. “In that sense, suis entered this world and may have come to this point because of the existence of Alberto and Julia. “That’s right. I don’t think it’s limited to me, but I think it’s because I had such a big encounter that I was able to see a world that I couldn’t see on my own.”

“Shonen Jidai (That Summer Luca ver.)”, Which covers Yosui Inoue’s masterpiece is the artist Shugo Tokumaru. It is finished with an acoustic arrangement that matches the work, but “I was impressed that Tokumaru-san’s arrangement was perfect and he was very addicted to Luka’s taste,” said the degree of matching. I was surprised. “When that end roll and the intro of’Boyhood’played, I cried even though it was my voice,” he said, shaking his chords and lacrimal glands. suis is “boyhood (that summer Luka ver. )” What kind of feelings did you sing in your heart? “I think Yosui Inoue’s” Boyhood “is a song that adults think of their past, but I probably thought I couldn’t do that, so if it’s a movie about Luka’s boyhood, I too. I wanted to be there and sang in the position of a boy by Luka. “

“I’m afraid to know my face. It’s the same feeling like a sea monster.” Yoshika, a next-generation artist, born from SNS, is YOASOBI, even though it’s always good at midnight. It has been attracting attention because of its naming, which is called “night liking.” Among them, YOASOBI is actively promoting on TV. Still, for Yorushika, from the n-buna policy that “I want to prevent the author from appearing before the work,” all the real faces and profiles Have not been revealed. Suis himself said, “It is the policy of my partner n-buna that it is better not to show up, but I have the same feeling. I have the same feeling. Luka was fearless, but I’m still afraid of humans. N-buna has a noble feeling that “I want you to listen to music purely,” but in my case, I’m an ordinary person, and I’m afraid that I don’t know what to do if my face is known, so I don’t want to show my face. “For Yorushika, who doesn’t show up, the video such as MV, which is an important communication tool to convey the world view, says, “That’s the part I’m not involved in at all, and the world view created by n-buna and the videographer. The world of Yorushika is created by n-buna, and I play the role of adding colors to complement the song, so when I see the completed video, I always think, “Wow!” Respect n-buna that produces the whole thing.

“I think it would be fun to be alive if I could express something with my voice.” Having made a giant leap in the music industry, how did suis himself spend his daily life? “I love to rest, and I don’t do any other work, so my default is to stay home except when I’m recording. So my lifestyle hasn’t changed because of Corona. Then, I hardly listen to music, I don’t watch movies so much, and I can’t buy anything. I eat and sleep. I’m sorry I didn’t do anything .” Suis to lower. Such an indoor suis, but as the corona wreck continues, “I take a walk so that I don’t feel depressed, soak in the sun and breathe in the outside air. I usually pass by people. I’m not too fond of it, but the corona sickness has made it easier for people to go out and take a walk, so I’m walking outside more than usual. “I can’t feel the desire to reveal myself at all in each of suit’s remarks, and I can’t read the pointed and easy-to-understand personality of that person, but that’s why the songs made by n-buna are the real feelings that young people have every day. It may be possible to sing purely without turbidity. When I asked suis about her prospects and what she wanted to do, she said, “I can’t think of anything right now.” She has a lot of expressive voice, so when she asked, “How about a voice actor?”, She said, “I’m sure it would be fun to try something I’ve never done, so I’m interested. So, I think it looks fascinating, aside from whether it can be done or not. “Finally, he concluded with a smile, “I think it would be fun to be alive if I could continue to breathe into the work or express something with my voice.” The impression of suis that I met in person was candid, calm, and cute. Also, because it’s a flat stance in a good way, I felt that the dazzling spotlight might be too intense for her, and I was convinced that she wanted to penetrate the mask. However, I think that the beautiful and relaxed voice has infinite possibilities, so I sincerely hope you will have an adventure like Luka and expand your playing field. Interview/text / Nobuko Yamazaki

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