Free distribution of 7 anime works such as ‘Penguin Highway’ Studio Colorido’s online film festival from May 6th

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Studio Colorido, which has worked on the animated movie ” Penguin Highway “, announced that it would hold an online film festival from May 6 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the studio’s establishment. Seven works will be distributed for free on YouTube.

” Penguin Highway “, which was released in the theatre in 2018 as the first feature film of Studio Colorido from 8 pm on May 6, will be distributed worldwide on Netflix from 8 pm on the following 7th in 2020 in 30 countries. ” I want to cry, and I wear a cat, ” which will be premiered in the top 10 movie views ranking above. In both cases, the archive will be limited to 24 hours.

In addition, five works such as ” BURN THE WITCH ” (Episode 1), which is an animated version of Kubo Tite’s manga known as ” BLEACH “, and “Sonny Boy & Dewdrop ” directed by Hiroyasu Ishida are also free. To deliver. These will be released one week from the start of distribution.

Studio Colorido says, “If you don’t know the film, feel free to enjoy it, and if you know it, you can enjoy it more deeply. Please take this opportunity to enjoy it.”

Studio Colorido is an animation production company under the umbrella of Twin Engine and is characterized by its familiar visuals and dynamic visual effects. The latest work, “Drifting Home That Tells the Rain,” is scheduled for worldwide exclusive distribution and theatre roadshow by Netflix.

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