You can watch the OVA version of the anime “From Today, It’s Myself !!” on Amazon

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The legendary manga “From Today, It’s Me!!”, which was serialized in “Special Edition Shonen Sunday” and “Weekly Shonen Sunday” for about ten years from 1988 to 1997, and has recorded a cumulative total of over 40 million copies. The original authors are the manga “Cheeky Angel” and “A Bad Boy Drinks Tea.” In 2018, a live-action drama was broadcast with Kento Kaku and others as the leading actors. The hit of the live-action movie that was broadcast at the Friday Road Show last week (October 8, 2021) is also new to my memory.

The movie “From Today, It’s Me!! Theatrical Version” will be broadcast tonight (10/8) at 21:00! Mihashi and Ito, the legendary duo, revives with gold low.

The story’s main character is Takashi Mitsuhashi, who made his debut in the wake of a transfer. When I went to school with his hair dyed blonde, I saw Shinji Ito, the head of Tongari, who also made his debut.

Mitsuhashi and Ito knew that the guys who decided to support one day like them supported from today, and for some reason, they were tsuppari from today. The two people who conflict with each other quickly become prominent in the school, and even the bad guys in the school notice it …!? The general outline is.

Speaking of this work, the impression that caused the revival boom in the live-action film is new to my memory. In July 2020, the movie version depicting the legendary episode “VS Kitane Kai High School” of the original manga was released, but did you know that it is actually animated in the form of an OVA?

The OVA has been produced up to the 10th edition, and you can now watch the entire story on Amazon Prime Video.

For example, in the first OVA, the story unfolds with “Tsupari Shonen Hen,” where Mihashi and Ito meet for the first time. In the second OVA that follows, Riko Akasaka, one of the heroines who secretly thinks about Mihashi, appears earnest. The fourth, “Kyoto Study Trip,” which was especially popular in the original episode, is recorded. Increase.

The interested cast members are as follows.

Takashi Mitsuhashi (Voice: Yasunori Matsumoto)
Shinji Ito (Voice: Hideyuki Hori)
Riko Akasaka (Voice: Fumie Kusachi)
Kyoko Hayakawa (Voice: Ai Orikasa)
Katsutoshi Imai (voice: Yusaku Yara)

Yusaku Yara, who plays the lovable stupid bancho Imai, is a familiar voice actor in the role of Hiroshi, the father of the anime “Chibi Maruko-Chan,” and Imai is the character that appears in the first installment.

I got acquainted with Mihashi for some reason, but he became one of the most pitiful characters in the work who got caught in Mihashi’s hikyo hand from the middle. I couldn’t help but sympathize with Imai, who was sick and tired of preparing the letter of fulfillment (laughs).

Of course, Mihashi isn’t just a hike guy, but somehow he has a friendship side. Mihashi stood up in return for the debt even when Ito was disappointed in the second OVA.

With laughter, friendship, and hikes hands, “From today I am !!”. Why don’t you check their activities with your own eyes?

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