“Police in a Pod” TV animation broadcast in January 2022

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The broadcast start time of the anime “Police in a Pod-Police in a Pod-” will be decided in January 2022. At the same time, the first PV and additional character & voice actor cast have also been lifted.

This work is set in a Machiyama police box in a specific town. Through a pair of uneven police box girls, it is a police box entertainment that depicts a real-life with laughter and tears of a policeman who seems familiar and unexpectedly unknown. The original is a manga of the same name by former police officer Miko Yasu. A live-action drama version starring Erika Toda and Mei Nagano was also broadcast in the July 2021 period.

In the anime version, the main cast new police officer, Mai Kawai, will be played by Shion Wakayama. The senior police officer, Seiko Fuji, will be paired with Mai in a police box and played by Yui Ishikawa.

The additional characters and voice actor casts announced this time are the detectives in charge of the investigation, and Fuji is the role of Seiji Gen in the police academy. At the same time as Yamada and the police academy, Kana Hanazawa played the role of Miwa Makitaka, a new group of otaku.

Suzuki says, “The source is a genius of interrogation, so I am very good at talking, but I have the impression that I am a person who is so unfathomable that I do not know where it is natural bone and where it is technical. It’s one of the attractions, so I’ll do my best to make the story even more profound. “

Tsuchiya said, “When the audition for” Hakozume “was decided, I hadn’t read the original manga yet, so I hurriedly bought up to 10 volumes and read them all at once, but it was too exciting, and I was waiting for the result of the audition. I couldn’t stand it in the meantime and bought the next volume, recommended it to the people around me, and I was utterly addicted to it. “

Hanazawa said, “Makitaka, who is in charge of the voice, is the chief investigator, a reiki-jo who loves Shinsengumi, a self-paced woman who is not good at men. She always looks modest. However, there are many occasions when my intentions are strongly expressed during the investigation, and I am fascinated by the strength of the core. “

In the first PV, he belongs to the “genius of interrogation” who has the talent of being a natural person who instantly grabs the heart of a person, and the detective Yamada, who is in charge of investigating, who is paired with the source. However, many highlights of Shinsengumi otaku’s “reki-jo” Makitaka, who loves Ryotaro Shiba.

The opening theme was Riko Azuna’s “I have to know,” The ending theme was none’s “Change.” In the PV, the sound source of the opening theme, “Knowledge,” is also recorded.

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