‘Yurucamp △’ 1st season bonus anime three episodes, broadcast on TOKYO MX and others.

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As the 13th episode of the first season of “Yurucamp △” TV animation is being rebroadcast on TOKYO MX and others, a bonus animation recorded with video software will be broadcast at once.

Based on Afro’s manga of the same name, the “Yurucamp △” series gently depicts high school girls enjoying the outdoors around Yamanashi Prefecture. The first period will be broadcast in 18 years, the short animation “Heya Can △” will be published in 20 years, the second period will be posted in 21 years, and “Movie Yurucamp △” will be released on July 1 this year.

The bonus animation is three episodes of “Heya Can △ episode 0”, “See Can △”, and “Saba Can △”. Both were recorded on Blu-ray & DVD, and Blu-ray boxes.

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