‘PSO2 New Genesis’, July update information released on official program distribution

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Sega has distributed the official information program “NGS Headline” of the online RPG “PSO2 New Genesis (in the future, NGS)” for PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / PC and released future updates and campaign information.

“NGS Headline” is a program that tells users the present and future of “NGS,” such as future update information, campaigns, and peripheral information of “PSO2 New Genesis”. Hiro Arai appeared as an official navigator in the program, introduced a message from the development team, and then released the update information in July. Scratches to be delivered and information on the 9th-anniversary event have been removed. In addition, the video of the new class “Braver” to be implemented in August has been released, the follow-up report of the collaboration in-game item “I wish I had been in the middle of the night,” and the “PSO2 New Genesis” scheduled to be released on August 19. All the designs of the “Starter Package” store-specific benefits have also been released.

Scratch scheduled to be delivered in early July At the AC scratch “Rapid Aqua Barrett” expected to be delivered in early July, avatar items with the motifs of “underwater battle suit,” “SF butler clothes,” and “SF maid clothes” are available. It can.

“PSO2” 9th Anniversary Event Held “PSO2” 9th Anniversary Event will be held in the update in early July. The first half is scheduled to be held simultaneously as the domestic version and the global version from July 7, and the second half will be held in late July. Enemy throughout the Airio Region during the 9th Anniversary event, Fields, NPCs, drop items, and many other things change. As for the changes in the field, “Central City” will be dressed for the 9th anniversary, and the appearance will change from time to time to the lively impression of fireworks.

Late July Update With the late July update, the scratch “Varios Trainees” will be delivered, where new “cast parts” can be obtained. In addition, the second half of the 9th-anniversary event will be held. □ All designs of “PSO2 New Genesis Starter Package” store-specific benefits have been released. All formats of “PSO2 New Genesis Starter Package” store-specific benefits scheduled to be released on August 19 have been removed.

About the collaboration project, “Zutomayo is good.” June 18 Collaboration item with the hairstyle of the character “Nira-chan” appearing in the anime MV of the collaboration song “Insider Joke” and the motif of Uniguri-kun Delivery has been decided. A character campaign using collaboration items will also be held.

Introducing the campaign currently being held □ Next delivery on July 27 © SEGA

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