Development of goods that reproduce the cheers recorded by ‘Utapri’ with a roaring sound To reproduce the ‘voice’ extinct due to the corona

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The live “Maji LOVE LIVE 7th STORAGE” of “Uta no Prince-sama” (commonly known as Utapri), which will be developed in games, CDs, anime, and media mix, will be held on Saturday, November 27th and Sunday, November 28th. It will be held at MetLife Dome (Seibu Dome).

Initially scheduled to be held in April 2020, but postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). This time, the long-awaited transfer performance of the fans will be held. Before the event, official goods are being sold in advance, but one of the second goods, “Voice Recording Strap,” has been a hot topic. This item is a strap with a speaker that can play applause, cheers, and pre-recorded voice at 110 dB, equivalent to a car horn. The price is 2500 yen (tax included) each. Although the product images have not been released at the time of writing, the lineup consists of 18 TRISH members, QUARTET NIGHT, and HE VENS.

Reproduce the cheers extinct due to the corona disaster
“Cheers” from the audience is one of the real thrills of live music. The yellow cheers that you instinctively raise, the hands that match the song, the call and response, and the singalong are indispensable for the performers and the audience to get together and get excited. However, the culture has become extinct due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

In the “Guidelines for New Coronavirus Infections in Music Concerts” formulated in July 2020, “loud vocalization” is mentioned as an example of prohibited acts in the venue to prevent droplet infection. Live performances are currently being resumed. In most cases, cheers are not permitted.

“Voice recording strap” of “Utapri” was born against the background of Corona. In the movie “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Kingdom,” released in 2019, “Maji LOVE Live Screening” (so-called cheering screening) where you can enjoy the movie like life is prepared, and applause Cheers are an indispensable element of “Utapri.”

The transfer performance, which was finally realized after the postponement, shows the trial and error of the organizer who wants to feel the sense of unity and presence unique to live performances. In addition, when recording audio, it has been announced as an infection control measure, “Please record in a situation where there are no people around you, such as at home.”

These goods, which can simulate the real thrill of live performances such as cheers while paying attention to infection control measures, meet the needs of live culture, including audiences and performers, and may increase in other artists and contents in the future.

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