BTS Jimin, the brand ambassador that all companies want Samsung’s new phone sales surge ‘Jimin Power’ with just the name

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According to US ‘Rolling Stone’ on the 27th (Korean time), pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the global model BTS’ advertisement at Samsung Electronics exceeded the total sales of Galaxy Z devices by 2021. said to have stood.

In this regard, the brand influence of Jimin, who not only as a group but also as a boy group personal brand reputation ranking first for 32 consecutive months, is showing off the power of the only top brand.

Jimin drew attention by perfectly expressing the slogan ‘Get Ready to Unfold’ (prepare to unfold) from the preview video with BTS’ ‘Butter’ as the background music before the release of the new product and the official promotional video was also viewed 5 million times on YouTube. It has become popular with overviews.

Since then, posts and certifications such as “I’m with Jimin’s Z Flip 3” and “I bought it because I liked the model (Jimin)” have been pouring in on social media since. Authentication posts saying, “I bought the Z Flip 3 because of Jimin 100%” He also showed great affection for the hot reaction with Bora hearts and comments on Samsung Mobile US.

In particular, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 cream-colored phone, which Jimin used in the ‘Kissing the back of his hand’ scene in the advertisement, is trendy, and purchase authentication is increasing. Phone authentications stood out in particular.

Member Jimin was recognized as one of the main factors in which the Samsung S20 ranked first among the three companies (LG V50S, Samsung S20, and Apple iPhone 11) in consumer interest in smartphones from the top three global manufacturers last year, and was recognized for its ripple effect as an advertising model.

In response, Allkpop, an American media specializing in K-pop, focused on Jimin’s activity as an advertising model with the title, “BTS Jimin’s brand ambassador power and impact.”

The media said, “Jimin is undoubtedly the number one brand ambassador desired by all companies,” and reaffirmed Jimin’s unrivaled influence, showing the best marketing effect just by name alone by citing various examples from Samsung Electronics Louis Vuitton, and Fila.

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