Red Velvet Joy’s beloved k-pop star ‘Rolo Juai’ released ‘Galipette’ in collaboration with singer Vivi.

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Lolo Zouai, the ‘trendy pop star,’ is releasing a new song, ‘Galipette (BIBI Remix)’ in collaboration with comet BIBI in the domestic R&B scene. Music fans worldwide are paying attention to the meeting of the two artists who have heated the domestic and international music scene.

Rollo Juan is a singer-songwriter nicknamed ‘the most trendy pop star’ for her captivating voice and unique musicality that breaks genre boundaries. Early on, he co-composed ‘Still Down,’ a representative song of global R&B star HER, and won the Grammy Awards before his debut, proving its potential. Also, their debut album [High Highs to Low Lows] received favorable reviews from the famous music media Pitchfork with a high score of 7.5. In Korea, renowned producer Code Kunst remixed Lolo Juai’s representative song ‘Brooklyn Love’ and became famous. From this point on, Lolo Juan started to make its name known to Korean fans.

Lolo Juan is also known as the artist loved by Joy, a group Red Velvet. Joy volunteered to be a fan of Rollo Zooey several times on her social media account, and as a result, the two met in New York and participated in the ‘Any Song Challenge’ that hit the K-pop scene around the world at the time. Rollo Juan showed explosive energy and singing skills at the ‘Incheon YOUR SUMMER Festival’ in 2019.

After winning runner-up in the popular audition program SBS ‘The Fan,’ BB is an artist who has settled at the top of the domestic R&B scene with a sophisticated voice. Selected as ‘Best K-POP Songs of 2020: TOP 20’ by the prestigious music media Billboard, and currently streaming 1 million times a month on Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service keeping the record. He has released seven singles so far and is actively working with top artists such as Park Jin-young, Tiger JK, and Zico and participating in various OST albums.

French-born Rollo Juais has signature lyrics that mix English and French and is loved for her sensibility that goes beyond language. The new song ‘Galipette (BIBI Remix)’ adds BIBI’s alluring voice and Korean lyrics to give music fans worldwide a different kind of enjoyment. Rollo Juan will participate in the opening lineup of global pop star Dua Lipa’s [Future Nostalgia] European tour in 2022 and take another step towards the world stage.

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