BTS Jin’s self-composed songs ‘Super Tuna’ and ‘Yours’ set a shining record

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BTS Jin was recently introduced as the most successful male artist by Forbes, an American economic magazine.

Forbes said, “Jin’s self-composed song ‘Super Tuna’ is loved by global fans around the world, and after ‘Yours,’ the most successful male artist was listed on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart/24 hours. Became,” it was reported.

On the 14th, on the official Billboard ‘Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart-weekly,’ Jin’s ‘Super Tuna’ entered #12 for the first time. Also, the drama OST ‘Yours’ ranked 18th. This proves Jin’s strong brand power and topicality as a soloist.

Forbes said, “Jin entered the Hot Trending Songs chart with two songs simultaneously by himself. “Two entries may sound like a no-brainer, but Jin broke the tied record with it.” Then he explained, “With two hits with his name on credit, he is showing his prominence as a solo male K-pop singer with the most hits.”

‘Super Tuna’ is a song that Jin gave to his fans on his birthday (December 4) and was only released on SoundCloud and YouTube. This means that the song was not released as an official single.

Forbes also paid attention to Jin’s drama OST ‘Yours,’ which continues to hold its place on the hot trending Songs chart. Silver Voice Jin’s ‘Yours’ entered the ‘Billboard Global 200’ for the first time as a Korean male solo singer, and ranked 6th on the Hot Trending Songs chart and 1st on the World Digital Song Sales chart by a big difference from other songs. Showed dazzling power.

On the 16th, American media allkpop reported that Forbes had selected BTS’ Jin as ‘the most successful male artist in his field.’ The media admired, “Jin set a shining record for his name and became the most successful male artist with a double achievement in one Billboard ranking.” It focused on how influential Jin’s first steps as a solo singer had been in the global music industry.

Even after Forbes news broke, the record streak continued. According to the announcement of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute on the 18th, Jin proved his super brand power by ranking first in the boy group’s brand reputation in December.

Fans who saw this continued to celebrate by putting the Twitter hashtags’ Seokjin-i_Pop 1st_How is it’ and ‘Super Seokjin_Bepyeong 1st place_Congratulations’ on top of the Korean trend in succession. ‘Congratulations Jin’ showed the appearance of a global superstar, with ‘KimSeokjin (Jin’s real name)’ and ‘OMG JIN (Oh My God Jin)’ taking the first and second places in the US trend at 8th place worldwide.

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