BTS Jin, ‘Yours’ Spotify Korea ‘TOP 200’ chart for 16 weeks in a row

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BTS Jin’s ‘Yours’ showed off its global music power by shining steadily on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ recorded the chart for 16 consecutive weeks on Spotify Korea’s ‘TOP 200 Weekly’ released on February 24.

On the ‘TOP 200 Chart (Daily)’, as of the 25th, the chart-in was maintained for 111 days, continuing a dazzling record.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ entered 6th place on the Spotify Korea’ Top 200′ chart at the same time as the sound source was released on November 7, last year, and remained on the chart until February 25, showing a strong presence.

It also recorded 13 weeks and 78 days of chart-in on Spotify Korea’s ‘TOP 50’. This is the longest-running solo song by BTS.

Jin entered the Spotify Korea’ Top 200′ chart for more than 51 days for the first time as a BTS member. Jin’s solo song ‘Epiphany’ entered the ‘Top 200’ on the 51st, ‘Moon’ on the 89th, and ‘Yours’ for 111 days, making the record even brighter.

Jin’s ‘Yours’ also recorded the chart-in for 103 days for 16 consecutive weeks on Spotify Vietnam’s ‘TOP 200 Weekly Chart’ on February 24, demonstrating global music power.

On Spotify, Japan’s ‘Viral TOP 50 Weekly Chart’, it charted for 80 days on the ‘Viral TOP 50’ chart for 12 consecutive weeks, realizing Jin’s immense popularity.

Also, on February 26, it ranked 3rd on the Billboard’ Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart-weekly’, setting an excellent record of being the first, only, and longest chart-in for a Korean solo artist for 15 weeks in a row.

In the ‘Global Top 200 Chart FILM, TV & STAGE section’ of Shazam, a global music search platform, as of the 27th, he maintained the No.

Jin’s first solo, OST ‘Yours’, is the main theme song of the tvN drama ‘Mt. Jirisan’, and with Jin’s unique sweet lyricism and deep, rich silver voice, it has been three months since the drama ended, setting dazzling records on music platforms worldwide and gaining global popularity and popularity. It has proven the power of sound sources.

In addition to Jin’s dazzling Spotify record, American entertainment media allkpop said, “‘Jin’s ‘Yours’, which recorded the longest-lasting BTS solo song in the top 50 on Spotify Korea, is not only the most successful Korean OST in history but also flawless vocals. With his skills and excellent beautiful voice, Jin proved himself to be a great OST singer.”

Overseas media’ Clout News’ praised “BTS Jin’s ‘Yours’, the first Korean song to achieve this great success”, and Indian media’ PINKVILLA’ also said ‘BTS Jin’s OST ‘Yours’ is the most popular song in the music industry. It continues to set new milestones and is creating a sensation around the world.”

Jin is achieving dazzling results without special promotions with her first solo, OST ‘Yours’, and we are looking forward to seeing what Jin will show as a top soloist in the future.

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