‘Grammy? There is No tree doesver after being shot ten times.’

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On the offline stage that the group BTS went up for the first time in two years, fans shouted, “Isn’t this a dream? Another miracle has been accomplished,” he said.

BTS held a press conference before the performance of ‘BTS Permission to Dance on Stage-LA’ held at Sofai Stadium in Los Angeles (LA), the USA on the 29th at 7 am (2 pm Korean time, local time) met with

They held their first stage the day before and met 47,000 fans.

The members said, “I was pleased to be able to hold a face-to-face concert for the first time in two years. (As a reward) I hope it will be a happy time for us and the ARMYs.”

Suga said, “While performing, I immediately thought, ‘Is this a dream?’ None of this was easy, but it seems that we have always overcome those barriers with hard work.”

After ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself The Final’ held at the Olympic Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul, in October 2019, BTS planned a new world tour from the beginning of last year. However, due to the global pandemic (pandemic) of the infectious disease, all plans failed, and the infectious disease blocked them like a barrier for two years.

After the pandemic, the vaccination rate for the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has increased, and the gradual recovery of daily life (with Corona) has been implemented.

Another barrier has been crossed.

Lido RM said, “A wonderful thing has happened. It won awards at the American Music Awards (AMA) and was nominated for a Grammy. It means a lot to us. As a Korean singer, there is an identity or an invisible wall, but it seems that small moments gathered together to achieve today’s miracle.”

With this concert as an opportunity, the members vowed to “meet ARMY (fandom) in more places.” He continued, “(We will have to watch the situation), but we are also planning a concert in Korea.”

J-Hope said, “It’s only now that I’m here again in LA after visiting the UN General Assembly in September, so I can’t feel it anymore.” He said, “It’s strange that we become the voices of a generation and represent ourselves, but it comes with a sense of responsibility. I think that’s the power of music that BTS has. They say they will show it all without regret at this concert.”

As a global group, you have stood on many stages. Were you nervous because it was a concert after a long time? Or did you get used to it?

V: “It has been two years since I performed (face-to-face). Before going up on stage, the members gathered in the waiting room and talked about whether they would cry when they saw the fans. Fortunately, I didn’t cry. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a concert, so I practiced a lot to not be nervous.”

How did you feel after finishing the first performance yesterday? After that, while communicating with fans through live broadcasts, I talked about trying other genres. Are there any albums you are preparing before the end of this year?

Jimin: “After the first performance, I felt despondent. I’ve been waiting for the day to meet the fans. The scariest thing while preparing was that two years seemed longer than I thought. When we met, I was worried about what kind of expression to make, what gesture to say, and what emotion to convey. There were so many worries and so many regrets. Today, I will make it easy for you to enjoy.”

V: “I think my music style and that of BTS are the same but different. The styles I’ve been listening to lately are jazz and blues styles. I’ve been working on that kind of music lately, but it isn’t easy. It is more difficult if you are willing to take on a challenge. Someday, I will make up my mind and show my music that is different from the group.” (V)

J-Hope: “I am continuing to work without making a distinction between genres. When it comes out, I try to put it on a mixtape. I am not sure that something will come out this year.” (J-Hope)

You also performed on the AMA stage recently.

Jungkook: “I didn’t realize it at all until I got on stage for the awards ceremony. We always talk about that when we go to such a place, the shouts of ARMY are a big help. It also seems to have helped the concert. Whether we accept it at concerts or awards ceremonies, the value of ARMY’s shouts is too much the same. Thanks to you, we are excited. And we can stand.”

BTS received the trophy at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and performed ‘Skit: Hesitation and Fear’ (only included in the real album ‘Love Yourself Seung Heo’ released in 2017). ‘Are we going up? Through the lyrics, ‘How much do you go down?’

Recently, he received the grand prize at the AMA and was nominated for the Grammy Awards for two years in a row, continuing his ‘Love in Love’ for the fourth year in a row.

Compared to back then, are there any hesitation and fear now?

Suga: “It wasn’t completely resolved. As a person living in the world, fear and hesitation coexist. What has changed is that I have no regrets about ‘why couldn’t I enjoy it then?’ Now that I’m in a situation where I can’t enjoy it, I should enjoy the moment. After receiving the grand prize at the AMA, I was pleased. I was happy to meet the fans face-to-face, and I was happy to receive the grand prize. That’s how I enjoyed it.

Since 2020, hatred and hatred of Asians have been rising around the world. The message and positive influence that BTS conveys through their songs are helping a lot to weaken it.

RM: “As an Asian, I feel responsible. Of course, we weren’t born or raised overseas, but we felt a lot of barriers while working abroad. It seems difficult to explain the barrier. Some are visible, and some are invisible. Considering the path we have taken, I am happy and honored if music and life are helping people living abroad. If we can have a voice, we will do so, and it would be great if we could make a positive impact on Asians.”

She was nominated for a Grammy for the second year in a row.

Suga: “I’m confused. I grew up watching awards ceremonies from a young age. At the same time, I am excited and looking forward to it. It’s certainly not easy to win. It is not easy to be nominated or to be a presenter. I am just grateful that there are barriers to overcome and that I can challenge myself. However, the Grammy has not yet been awarded. It’s not that I’m not happy to receive another award. There are awards that I haven’t received yet, so I want to receive them. A proverb says, ‘There is no tree that does not fall after taking it ten times. I’ve only shot it twice now. If not, I’ll have to take eight more shots.”

V: “If we take ten more shots, Jin will be over forty.”

When you debuted in the US in 2017, you said that you couldn’t believe this success. It has had many successes since then.

J-Hope: “I try not to set too many standards for success. If you try to meet the standards, you get exhausted mentally and physically to reach something. If you live your life satisfied with your life and mood without setting standards, many results will come out. It seems that I keep my composure and make myself.” (J-Hope)

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