‘I fell in love at first sight, BTS Jimin, magical beauty’Jimin: Fashion Icon.’

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BTS’ Jimin captivated fans worldwide with his magical beauty, making him fall in love at first sight.

Behind-the-scenes photos and sketches of Jimin’s portfolio ‘Me, Myself, and Jimin – ID: Chaos’ were released through BTS’ official Naver Post and YouTube channel.

Jimin appeared in a velvet gown and a low-cut top, and in the first chapter, ‘I wanted to show my thoughts. I wanted to show a lonely inner side even though I was troubled, thinking, worried, and worried.” He showed off his deadly charm in a tired and natural look with broken mannequins as props.

He was admired for perfectly digesting a fashionista’s classic white tee and jeans. Then, the second chapter, which adds splendour with a unique crown, glitter makeup, fake tattoos, etc. (expressed),” he said.

Then, “I wanted to show you the tough parts that I think of in my way, and I just wanted to show you a little cooler,” he said.

In the last chapter of Black & White, which Jimin put the most effort into, he said, “I want to use a mannequin to express the different aspects of me simply and simply.” The hot body in the set, which is modern and cold with a mannequin and a mannequin, is imposing.

Jimin, who struck women’s hearts with his unrivalled fashion digestibility, concept expression, and professional appearances, such as perfect poses and facial expressions that call for camera shutter baptism, received explosive attention with the release of the photo book.

U.S. Hallyu media All K-Pop reported, “I don’t know BTS well, but this person has the face of a high fashion model”, “I fell in love at first sight”, “This man is so sexy”, “Surprisingly beautiful”, ” It focused on vivid reactions that captured not only fans but also the general public, such as a different level of beauty and charisma.

In addition, Jimin drew the attention of many celebrities such as British Spotify, singer-songwriter and producer Ashton Davila, supermodels, actors, singers, sports players, and influencers, who said ‘Jimin: fashion icon’. In this photobook with the theme, they admire the various internal and external beauty.

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