BTS V, Spotify Followers Increase for 6 Consecutive Months, 1st in Korean Solo. ‘No.1 in the First Half’

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BTS V showed his most muscular solo power on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform.

According to ‘K-POP RADAR,’ a chart show dedicated to K-pop broadcast across the United States, V added 561,517 followers in July, ranking first in the increase of solo artist followers. With this, V added 360,000, 640,000, 540,000, 490,000, 540,000, 460,000, 640,000, and 560,000 followers from December last year to July of this year, respectively ranking first in the number of Korean solo artists for six months. recorded

V’s official Spotify account was first created in 2016 when he sang the OST ‘Even if I die, and it’s you’re from the drama debut ‘Hwarang.’ After that, in March 2020, she released her second OST and ‘Sweet Night’ of her self-composed song ‘Itaewon Class,’ breaking through 1 million followers in July of the same year.

V’s account, which has maintained a steady increase in followers from 490,000 to 640,000 since December of last year, had kept the top spot in the growth rate all the time, except for two months when team members created new accounts. Even after all members completed the creation of individual Spotify accounts, V achieved first place in the number of Korean solo artist followers for three consecutive months. From January to June this year, the number of Spotify followers alone increased by 3.33 million in the first half of this year, which is also the number one Korean solo artist. Set a record

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