“Have You Seen Chainsaw Man?” Deadpool asks in a comic

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These days, it’s not uncommon to find references to anime in comic books and films both. However, the most recent allusion—in which Deadpool obliquely brings to the anime Chainsaw Man in the comics—is driving fans bonkers.
The well-liked antihero Deadpool has introduced a new maneuver into the Marvel universe, which he picked up from Chainsaw Man in the most recent series.

The movie Deadpool is based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man, which began as a manga and was subsequently made into a popular anime. It takes place in a world where people can form agreements with demons to gain superhuman powers.

By tugging a string on his wrist, Aki Hayakawa, a character in the anime, is able to call forth the Fox Devil. This causes a devil that resembles a fox to emerge from his palm and start eating everything in its path. In the first issue of his 2024 comic book series, Deadpool imitates Aki’s signature move (kon) when facing up against a foe, as shown in the tweet above. Deadpool acts as follows: Deadpool: “You ever seen Chainsaw Man?” Antagonist: “What the hell is that?” Deadpool: “Never mind, you would probably hate it.”

Accompanied by his symbiote-hyena sidekick named “Princess” (a playful nod to Aki’s Fox Devil from the manga), Deadpool uses this move to defeat an antagonist. Deadpool’s astute allusion to Chainsaw Man not only demonstrates his pop cultural flare but also forges a bond between viewers of the two shows.

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