X-Men Finally Answers the Biggest Charles Xavier Conspiracy Theory

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We are just a couple of months to the X-Men’s “Dawn of X” relaunch, but among the biggest mysteries surrounding the franchise has been revealed. Through an economical assembly of world leaders, Charles Xavier eliminates his Cerebro helmet to unveil his face and head for the first time since announcing Krakoa, a sovereign nation for mutants.

The double miniseries place the building blocks to the new mutant status quo from the Marvel Universe, with Xavier since the literal figurehead of a united front. The retconning of Moira MacTaggert as a mutant with reincarnation abilities radically altered his outlook on individual and mutant connections. Currently, combined with former adversaries such as Magneto and Apocalypse, Xavier is poised to direct mutants to a new age, with Cerebro playing a vital function.

Fans have known Cerebro as a tool for monitoring mutants. But, House of X #5 showed a brand new use for the tech. Several X-Men expired on a mission to ruin an Orchis Mother Mold in the distance. At the moment, it appeared that Wolverine, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Mystique, Husk, Penance, and Archangel forfeited their lives to finish their assignment. Still, five particular X-Men (Goldballs, Proteus, Elixir, Tempus and Hope Summers) managed to deliver them back to life by blending their mutant powers via a procedure known as the”mutant revival machine.”

Any dead person mutant may have a brand new body generated, but it could be an empty shell without the mind, or spirit, which made the individual unique. That is where Cerebro comes: Xavier always wears Cerebro to replicate the character of any mutant that he discovers, so that he can one day put it within their new body. House of X #5 also includes a data page that clarifies how Xavier saves a copy of each mutant head on Earth, with the most recent version saved once per week at several places for safekeeping.

Are viewers dealing with some evil doppelganger? Can he develop a complete head of hair? Fans wanted answers, and it appears they partly get a few with X-Men #4’s current improvement.

The Cerebro unmasking happens close to the conclusion of quite a spirited debate in the world economic forum. Magneto does a lot of the speaking for its Krakoa delegates, but Xavier speaks to mention how it took people one month to ship an attack staff to Krakoa to kill him at X-Force #1. Xavier finishes his address by putting Cerebro back to his mind and exiting alongside Magneto, Apocalypse, Cyclops, and Gorgon.

Therefore that the first obvious observation is Charles Xavier seems exactly because he generally does without Cerebro. Xavier has his trademark hairless mind and no observable modifications to his bodily appearance. But what we might be dealing with are concealed clues. The artwork by Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan and Sunny Gho slowly zoom in on Xavier’s face because he’s speaking, with his dark eyes being the sole items sticking out. Now, chronicling somebody’s eye color in comics can be a tricky matter as it can mostly return to coloring options, however, after looking back in flashback sequences at House of X and Powers of X. It will become apparent younger Charles Xavier had brown eyes, even although current-day/resurrected Professor X today has blue eyes.

The very first pages of Powers of X #1 series that the very first time Charles Xavier fulfilled Moira MacTaggert. Nonetheless, the closeup panels of Xavier’s face portray him with brown eyes, which signifies something should have happened when he had been brought back to life after his assassination. One of the risks with resurrecting mutants is putting a parasitic mind to the inappropriate husk body. By way of instance, Wolverine’s head in Cyclops’ body could be a false revival, even if they’re getting along much better today. Could Xavier’s head be in a somewhat different husk?

With all the attention given to Xavier’s usage of Cerebro so much, to eventually see him shoot it off is relatively significant. Hickman is attentive to the conversation surrounding Xavier’s usage of Cerebro, so readers need to keep their eyes peeled for any indications which are made available. X-Men #5 appears to comprise one of the most significant clues yet.

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