The X-Men’s Island Paradise Poses a Mortal Dilemma For Kitty Pryde

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Though the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde hasn’t had an easy life, the most recent issue of Marauders dropped some significant hints she might be in a lot more serious problem than anyone previously suspected.

The island state of Krakoa has contributed all Marvel’s mutants a period of mostly uninterrupted unprecedented prosperity, complete with an abundance of resources, wonder medications for a variety of ailments as well as immortality itself. The immortality functions through a revival procedure between a group of young mutants known as the Five, who use their abilities to make duplicate copies of different mutants and reestablish their heads from psychic back-ups made by Professor Xavier.

But since Kitty can not travel through Krakoa’s gates, she wonders if this revival procedure would operate on her in Marauders #5.

Despite the almost-reckless, swashbuckling attitude she supposes through the show, Kitty’s remarks in this issue make it evident that this was bothering her for a time. While she has wholly embraced the pirate aesthetic, which comes with her assignment to save mutants on the high seas and, the newly-crowned Red Queen appears to have been utilizing her daring lifestyle to maintain her more profound issues.

While this issue shows, Kitty Pryde is not the sole X-Man worried about her continuing well-being. When Kitty opens to Emma Frost, the one time opponents have a very frank discussion of their mutual fear of passing.

Even though Kitty’s inability to get the gates were set at the start of the show, the problem has not come up considerably because it was initially established. Though a number of those X-Men have said exploring it, it’s mostly been around the back-burner since the heroes attend to more pressing issues. Kitty could not read or know that the Krakoan speech until Emma implanted it inside her mind inside this problem.

Pryde’s fear of death might also have something to do with her background with all the X-Men. Though the staff is notorious for its natural deaths and resurrections, Kitty Pryde hasn’t had a significant departure of her very own. While her malfunctioning forces have threatened her life and she spent some time hurtling through space in a giant bullet, she has never expired outside of universe-scale occasions.

As soon as it’s not apparent if Kitty’s worries will be warranted, the hassle of her being unable to get Krakoa is fast turning into an issue of life or death. With its many teleporters, the X-Men might have discovered plenty of workarounds for Kitty to Krakoa, but bringing her back to life is not quite so straightforward. As it’s still not clear what is keeping Kitty from utilizing Krakoan technologies, Marvel’s mutants might need to begin solving some severe puzzles before Kitty Pryde will find some reassurance.

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