Competitive app game ‘#Compass’ animation project’s latest PV release

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The second PV of the animation project for the smartphone game “#Compass Combat Providence Analysis System” was recently announced on the “Nico Nico Super Conference 2023” stage.

“#Compass” is a competitive game jointly developed and operated by NHN PlayArt and Dwango. A team of 3 people forms a group with friends and competes in real-time with the other team for the bases placed on the stage in 3 minutes per battle.

In the PV, the heroes that appear in the game, Reiya (CV: Soma Saito ), Jeanne d’Arc ( Ten Amamiya ), and Tadaomi Ouka ( Tetsuya Kakihara ), are shown fighting with voice.

In addition, it has been announced that a media mix will be developed, such as canonicalization from “Tatesuku Comic” and novelization from “Kadokawa Beans Bunko,” based on the characters that appear in “#Compass.”

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