Popular werewolf game ‘Among Us’ to be animated on TV

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The popular online game “Among Us” will be adapted into an anime series by CBS studio, Variety reports.

“Among Us” is a werewolf game set in space, divided into crew and imposters on a spaceship. The impostor impersonates the crew and kills them individually, while the crew must find the impostor before they are all killed.

The same work released in 2018 broke in 2020. In October, it reached #1 on Google Play in 66 countries. It reached #1 on iOS in 55 countries. In the fourth quarter of 2020, it had about 500 million monthly active users.

Currently, CBS Eye Animation Productions, a subsidiary of CBS Studio, is jointly planning and developing the project with the developer Innersloth, with Owen Dennis of “Infinity Train” serving as executive director of planning and production. Currently, the broadcasting station and distribution platform have not been decided.

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