Surprised voices at the movie that reproduced ‘Char’s Counterattack’ in the latest Gundam game. Was there such a scene? Thoughtfully new animation

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The newly produced animation for the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series game app ” Mobile Suit Gundam UC ENGAGE ” is attracting attention for its quality reminiscent of the time when This work was a simulation game in which Gundam’s Universal Century series jobs come together.

The much-talked-about animation was drawn for the “Amurosha Mode” added in February. In the PV, the battle scene between ν (New) Gundam and Sazabi is newly removed, just like in the original movie.

It is Director of Photography Shuntaro Waki ​​commented, “That image I saw when I was young, that handmade feeling that I loved. Here is the image expression that I have wanted to face for many years.” He says, “I strongly pursued the texture of cels and films of the time with my shooting process, including brushes and touches.”

The match between Amuro and Char drew with modern technology has become a hot topic as “the latest drawing of Reiwa with a texture that makes you mistake it for a moment at that time”. ‘Is this free to watch?’

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