Funeral, Demon Slayer, Oshinoko. Anime ‘first expansion broadcast’ one after another. Why over 30 minutes? Possibilities expected by intellectuals

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The first episode of the new animation “Sousou no Free Len,” scheduled to start broadcasting in the fall of 2023, will be posted for 2 hours. On Twitter, it became a hot topic that the first broadcast over 30 minutes was one after another.

In response to J-CAST News’ interview, anime columnist Ryo Koarai said on July 6 that the first extended broadcast “may be able to approach new viewers.” No.” (*The following contains spoilers for some anime.) Unusual Friday road show “First broadcast of the TV anime series” The animation “Sousou no Free Len” is a manga of the same name serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday. ” Be the original.

The first broadcast will be on September 29 on NTV’s “Friday Road Show.” It was announced on the official Twitter on June 30. In response to the announcement, Twitter became a topic of discussion, such as “Is it a trend for recent anime to exceed 30 minutes for the first time?” An example is the “[ Oshi]” broadcast from April to June.

The first broadcast was 90 minutes for “Noko” and 60 minutes for “Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith’s Village Edition.” Furthermore, the broadcast world’s “Atelier Ryza” in July and the new anime series “Pocket Monsters,” which has been on air since April, were also 60 minutes long for the first time. In response to an interview, Mr. Koarai said, “It’s not uncommon for anime fans to have their first broadcast exceed 30 minutes.”

There are works whose first expanded broadcast attracted less attention than this time. Many of the anime developed so far have been very popular and met fans’ expectations.

It is speculated that “Sousou no Free Len” attracted a great deal of attention because it will be broadcast in a program called “Friday Road Show” in addition to its two-hour broadcast time. “Until now, the Friday road show has aired an original anime, such as the completely original story of Lupine the 3rd. (Editor’s note: Nippon Television also advertises that it is the first time in history to broadcast the first TV anime series in the same frame). I hope that it will appeal to viewers who are away.

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