‘K-pop is cancer’ North Korean Kim Jong-un ‘The highest death penalty if caught using South Korean slang.’

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who defined Korean culture such as K-pop as a ‘cancer,’ has warned young people not to use South Korean slang.

On the 18th (local time), the BBC reported that Chairman Kim Jong-un warned young people not to use South Korean slang and declared that they should use the standard North Korean language. At the same time, North Korea’s state-run newspapers also issued an oath not to accept South Korean fashion, hairstyles, and music. This is part of a recent new law aimed at curbing influence on foreign cultures of all kinds, the BBC reported. Those who break the law can face prison or even the death penalty.

North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun argued for millennials the dangers of following South Korean popular culture. The newspaper wrote, “The penetration of ideology and culture under the colorful signs of the bourgeoisie is far more dangerous than an enemy with a gun.” He also emphasized that the Korean language based on the Pyongyang dialect is superior and that young people should use it correctly.

According to the New York Times recently, Chairman Kim Jong-un described K-pop as a “cancer” that corrupts North Korean youth.

Chairman Kim pointed out that “South Korean culture has corrupted the dress, hairstyle, tone, and behavior of young North Koreans.” “If we do not prevent the invasion of capitalist culture, the system could collapse,” he warned.

Meanwhile, it is reported that K-pop and Korean dramas are gaining popularity in North Korea recently. The New York Times reported that six students who secretly watched a Korean drama in North Korea were sentenced to prison, and last year, three soldiers in their 20s from the Air Force and Anti-Air Force Command were arrested for dancing BTS’ ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears’ at an entertainment event. also reported that there was

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