Kasumi Appears in the Final Chapter of ‘Pokémon’ A Fishing Confrontation with Satoshi Heigani, Wani Noko, and Other Appearances Episode 2 Scene Cuts Released

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The scene cuts and synopsis of the second episode (broadcast on the 20th) of the animation “Pokémon Aims to Pokemon Master” (TV Tokyo series every Friday from 6:55 pm), which depicts the final chapter of the story of Satoshi and Pikachu, has been released.

A glimpse of the beautiful body! Kasumi is embarrassed by her reunion with Satoshi. The released scene cut depicts Kasumi, Nyorotonou Deppou, Wani Noko, and Heigani, who appeared in the first anime, “Pokemon” series.

“Pokémon Aim to Master” depicts the trip of three people, Kasumi (CV: Mayumi Iizuka) and Takeshi (CV: Yuji Ueda), who once traveled together with Satoshi and Pikachu.

In addition, the Pokemon that Satoshi has formed strong bonds within various regions, and Dent (CV: Mamoru Miyano), who traveled with him in the “Pocket Monsters Best Wishes” series, will also appear on the 27th episode, which is full of excitement and excitement. Further, enhance your adventure.

Broadcast on the 20th “Satoshi VS Kasumi! Umibe no Ikiuchi!!”
Satoshi and Pikachu, who continued their journey, came to the sea. Satoshi meets a wild Udeppou at the beach and tries to catch it. The one who waited there was Kasumi, a former traveling companion! Satoshi and Kasumi insist, “I’ll be the one to get Udeppou!”

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