‘2021 Together Again, K-POP Concert’ A Midsummer Night’s K-Pop Party Completed

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Top Daily Reporter Seo Sang-Hyun The ‘2021 Together Again, K-Pop Concert’ ended in great success with the first row of K-POP fans enthusiastic.

The ‘2021 Together Again, K-Pop Concert’ hosted by the Korea Management Association (hereinafter referred to as ‘Han Mae-yeon’) and Arirang TV and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism was held at the Olympic Games in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 17th. It was held non-face-to-face at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in the park.

‘2021 Together Again, K-Pop Concert’ delivers a message of hope to comfort the popular music performance industry and the people stagnated by Corona 19. This is a K-pop concert designed to promote the continuous development of popular music performances.

This concert is the first large-scale face-to-face K-POP concert to be held since Corona 19, and it was expected that it would serve as a signal for the recovery to daily life that will be accomplished along with the expansion of vaccination. The organizers have done their best to ensure that popular music performances can be held continuously by establishing safe and systematic quarantine measures. Still, they say that it is difficult to carry out the version, as the number of confirmed cases in the metropolitan area has recently increased rapidly. The distancing guidelines have been upgraded to level 4. To prevent the further spread of COVID-19, the event has been changed to non-face-to-face.

NCT DREAM, BTOB, Brave Girls, Baek Ji-young, Kim Tae-woo, Oh My Girl, AB6IX, CIX, Momoland, CIX, Momoland, NCT DREAM, BTOB, Brave Girls, 24 teams of trending K-pop artists, including ONF, Jaehwan Kim, Soyeon Jeon, Dreamcatcher, Cosmic Girls Jjokkomi, Rocket Punch, Dripin, DKB, Giant Pink, ACE, EPEX, T1419, 3YE, Alexa, and Hot Issue, perform on stage It has captured the eyes and ears of fans.

In particular, many cameras were placed in the concert hall, providing an environment where fans could enjoy the stage in various compositions. Here, by taking full advantage of the advantages of online concerts, the colorful and rich video effects gave viewers a vivid sense of presence as if they were in a concert hall, drawing favorable reviews from fans.

In addition, even though it was a non-face-to-face performance, for the safety of the artists and all staff, the organizer thoroughly complied with the quarantine system such as wearing a mask, maintaining distance, checking temperature, writing a questionnaire, and checking the electronic entry list. In addition, all of the cast and participating staff submitted negative COVID-19 confirmation certificates, dispatched a professional medical team to the site to conduct diagnostic kit tests, and put all efforts into quarantine management at indoor performance venues, such as regularly opening and closing entrances and exits during performances. Through this, not a single positive test was found at the scene, and the version was completed in a safe environment.

Han Mae-Yeon said, “Thank you to everyone who showed a lot of interest and support for the ‘2021 Together Again, K-Pop Concert’. Although the happy imagination of meeting fans through face-to-face performances did not come true, I hope that they will be able to return to their daily lives as soon as possible. I hope that the pop music performance industry and the people who have been stagnant due to COVID-19 can gain strength even a little bit,” he said.

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