Deja vu on the best day, listening to I AM by IVE.

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I am humming I AM by Ive, a new song recently released. It’s a song chosen for me, who enjoys listening to only one piece of music often. It’s better if you know the lyrics and know the lyrics along with the magnificent sound, and it’s a song that gets better if you watch the music video that’s just as magnificent.

The facial expressions of the members in the music video as they jumped into the sky without hesitation after taking a deep breath and the brief scene of pulling the lever of the plane without hesitation are particularly memorable—the steps of the members who confidently walk toward the runway on a pitch-black night shine.

To me, who listens to a variety of pop songs, popular songs, K-pop, and classical music, listening to a song often seems to cover some background music in my life. Like a sound director, he carefully selects songs according to the situation and the scene. Whenever I go somewhere to play or go on a trip, the role of the jukebox is always my share.

I listen to somewhat sentimental music on rainy days, heart-fluttering love songs in springtime when a pounding spring breeze blows, and kind music on days that are a bit difficult and lonely. On days when something new is about to start, I listen to songs full of fighting spirit and energy.

Listening to new music is always exciting and thrilling. I cannot hide my joy and excitement on the day I met a life song that matches the tempo and frequency of my life. Whenever I work hard to introduce this song to people around me, I wonder if what I wanted to say was the speed of my life, my taste, and my heart. It’s nice to meet someone who likes a song that was especially comforting on a lonely day, so I came to like it. Have you also had a lonely night comforted by this song?

I often feel that music has color. As I listen to a song like that, I paint and color my day, moment, and life. Every time I listen to beautiful music, I am filled with emotions and whirlpools that I dare not explain in words. Music has infinite energy that comforts people, touches them, and sometimes makes them shed tears just by listening to them. And it may be natural that we cannot dare to contain and express all of those infinite impressions and emotions in human language.

If you think about it, the whole world is full of sound. Even if you walk on the street, the space is filled with people talking, cars, chirping birds, and footsteps. A bundle in which infinite sounds are arranged in a certain rule or arrangement might be one of the definitions of music. And we’re going to love those elaborate and sparse arrangements of regulations. Listening to your favorite song repeatedly may be loving a piece of the world. That’s how I love this world. I’m standing on my feet, and I love my life.

There are more songs that I accidentally listen to as they go by than songs that I choose and listen to. For example, a song that plays randomly in a playlist I accidentally heard while walking on the street or a song that suddenly caught my ear while watching a movie or drama. The song that instantly permeates my life colors my life and changes the genre.

Sometimes, I like songs I accidentally come across rather than deliberately looking for ones that fit my mood. It’s like an unknown life or a coincidence or fate.

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