Ive, four awards, including albums. Jisoo, Global K-Pop 1st place for two weeks in a row

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The group IVE won 4 weekly crowns on the Circle Chart (formerly Gaon Chart) for the 15th week. BLACKPINK’s JISOO ran at the top of the global K-pop chart for two weeks.

According to the Circle Chart for the 15th week of 2023 (04.09-15) announced by the Korea Music Contents Association on the 20th, Ive released the 1st regular album ‘I’ve IVE’ on the 10th and the pre-release song ‘Kichi.’ (Kitsch) topped four charts: albums and retail (retail) albums and digital and streaming.

‘I Have Ive’ is the first full-length album that presents various variations with keywords such as ‘self-love, confidence, and freedom,’ which are the same as Ive’s identity. It contains an overflowing.

The album contains 11 songs, including the title ‘I AM,’ which delivers a confident message based on self-love. In particular, among these songs, ‘Kichi’ took the throne for three weeks on the digital chart and two weeks on the streaming chart.

Last week, the first solo album ‘ME’ and the title song ‘FLOWER’ were ranked first on three charts, including albums, retail albums, and global K-pop. The joy of winning three crowns Jisoo, who tasted “,” kept first place on the weekly international K-pop chart for two weeks. ‘Flower’ is a song that harmonizes lyrical lyrics, beautiful melody lines, and Jisoo’s charming vocals.

BLACKPINK reached the top spot on Social Chart 2.0 for 34 consecutive weeks. During the counting period, My Celebrity’s attractive keywords were ‘received a good response,’ ‘long-running,’ and ‘not popular.’ In the 15th week of the social chart, the artist who showed the most significant rise in rankings was PSY.

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