Ive, the Japanese version of ‘Love Dive,’ released. Long-term box office frenzy

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IVE heats the Japanese archipelago once again.

On the 16th, the Japanese version of Ive’s ‘LOVE DIVE’ was officially released. This time, the Japanese release of ‘Love Dive’ is expected to be a green light to announce Ive’s activities in Japan that will continue into the new year.

Ive made his official debut in Japan in October last year through ‘ELEVEN.’ After that, he appeared on TV Asahi’s ‘Music Station,’ Japan’s most famous signboard program, and returned with his third single ‘After LIKE’ through NHK’s unique program ‘SONGS+PLUS’ before his official debut in Japan. Close coverage was also aired.

Also, on December 31 last year Ive appeared on Japan’s most extensive year-end music program, NHK’s ‘Red and White Song,’ and performed the song of the same name as the Korean debut song ‘ELEVEN,’ ‘ELEVEN – Japanese ver.-.’ ‘, which thrilled local fans. As a result, attention is also focused on the Japanese version of the title song ‘Love Dive,’ the second single in Korea.

Through the release of the ‘Love Dive’ sound source, Ive is expected to continue its popularity in Japan, where it was hot in 2023. It is not an exaggeration to say that the ‘Love Dive’ craze had already been blowing in the archipelago since last year, even before the official sound source of ‘Love Dive’ was announced in Japan.

‘Love Dive’ is one of the ‘2022 Best Sellers K-POP Single TOP 10’ selected by ‘TOWER RECORDS,’ a landmark in Japanese music sales. ~November 13)’ ranked 5th. It was ranked 69th on Billboard Japan’s “Hot 100 of the Year 2022” and 50th on “Streaming Songs of the Year 2022.” It also ranked 5th in Japan’s JOYSOUND’s ‘2022 Joy Sound Karaoke Annual K-POP Korean Ranking’. In addition, it also showed its potential by ranking 9th in the playlist of ‘Best of K-POP in 2022’ by Amazon Music in Japan.

Even as a group Ive itself, they showed off their presence sufficiently. Ive ranked 5th among the ‘TOP 10 artists who started music in 2022 (counting period from November 1, 21 to October 31, 22)’ on AWA, a local music site in Japan. In addition, Billboard Japan’s ‘Artist 100’ ranked 29th. The public’s attention is focused on what kind of history Ive, who stands tall as a global music powerhouse, will write through the release of the Japanese version of ‘Love Dive’ this time.

Meanwhile, on February 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun), Ive will hold his first fan concert, ‘The Prom Queens,’ at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul.

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