‘The King of Dance’ BTS Jimin, ‘BEST K-POP DANCER’ 13 crowns. ‘Jimin Genre’

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BTS Jimin conquered K-pop with ‘The King of Dance.’

Recently, Jimin took first place by winning a total of 160,531 votes (48.66%) in the ‘2022 Best KPOP Dancer 2022’ vote on the global KPOP voting website ‘KPopLifes.’

As a result, Jimin won first place in ‘Dabeme Pop’s ‘Best Male Dance 2022’ for four consecutive years from 2019, first place in ‘TOP100 K-POP Dancers’, and ‘Male K-POP Idol Dancer Rankings’ in ‘King Choice.’ 2022′ for three consecutive years from 2020, Japan’s ‘NETLAB’ for ‘K-Pop’s Best Male Idol’ for two consecutive years, ‘Best Kpop Male Dancer 2022’ for ‘Shining Awards’ ‘ and ‘DANCER KING OF KPOP 2022’, etc., solidifying his position as a representative K-pop dancer.

Jimin, who debuted as the main dancer in the team in 2013, was the top student at Busan Arts High School and showed excellent dance skills in various genres that he had honed since his school days. With a more artistic and complete stage, she pioneered the ‘Jimin genre,’ a combination of classical and hip-hop dance.

In particular, with explosive stage dominance and genius expressive power that makes it impossible to take your eyes off, it emits an overwhelming presence that is unmatched by others and is accompanied by modifiers such as ‘God of Dance’ and ‘Stage King.’

On the other hand, on the 13th, Jimin released ‘Vibe,’ a collaboration song with Taeyang, which had been a hot topic even before its release, such as No.

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