Super Potato: Renowned Japanese Retro Gaming Store is finally going International

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With regards to retro gaming, the Japanese store referred to as Super Potato is known as a stunning wellspring of such countless incredible games for consoles like the Sega Saturn, the Dreamcast, and then some. Indeed, it isn’t simply seen as a store yet in addition a gallery of sorts, lodging relics of the past tracing all the way back to the primary long periods of computer games. Super Potato has eight stores in Japan-the fundamental, three-stunned put away being in Akihabara in Tokyo and a colossal sham however they are currently extending their business across the world with the new opening of their absolute first global eBay store.

This is a gigantic jump for Super Potato as a business as it will presently permit clients from across the world to take part in their wide choice of retro games just as anime and manga items. They likewise opened a fresh-out-of-the-box new Twitter account–close by their authority Japanese Twitter–as of late which has effectively amassed over 1,000 adherents inside a couple of days. On this record, they tweeted out to tell fans across the globe that they will post substance for us worldwide fans just as for their Japanese crowd. This is extraordinary information for global aficionados of retro games just as the individuals who know about Super Potato’s incredible status however don’t have the assets to make the outing to Akihabara to make the excursion to the fundamental store themselves. In case you’re an enthusiast of old-school gaming, make a point to look at that new eBay store on the connection here just as their new Twitter account here.

Image Courtesy of Super Potato.

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