Japanese man travels 4,450 miles just to draw “Marry Me” on Google Earth

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A proposition 30,000 ft over the sky, an all around arranged move in the shopping center that ejects to a mournful, cheerful consummation, or at the quiet of the Prekestolen bluff in Norway, and so on recommendations have come in a wide range of thoughts. This Tokyo man’s fastidious, months arranged proposition for his darling anyway takes the good to beat all. It additionally landed him a Guinness World Record for the biggest GPS attracting history.

In 2008, Yasushi “Yassan” Takahashi, a Tokyo inhabitant Yassan realized that his sweetheart was the one which is the point at which he chose to design this inventive method of proposing utilizing GPS workmanship.

He at that point arranged an interesting proposition plan that took him most of the way across Japan just so he can spell ‘wed me’ on Google Earth. He went from the island of Hokkaido to the shores of Kagoshima covering around 4,451 miles in a half year to finish the outing for his wedding proposition in the long run finished with a heart toward the end.

Also, who in the correct psyche would disapprove of that, the sweetheart, obviously, said yes!

It was a major amazement,” she was cited as saying by South China Morning Post “I felt the best love on the planet” she included.

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