‘K-pop girl groups conquer the UK BLACKPINK on the Hyde Park Festival signboard.’

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On July 2nd, BLACKPINK rose to the stage as headliners (signboard performers) at the Hyde Park British Summertime Festival,’ the UK’s top music festival held in London, England. He was the first K-pop singer. Four teams will perform in London in September, including Twice, Aespa, ITZY, and (G)I-DLE.

On the 27th (local time), the British Guardian reported this news under ‘K-pop girl groups conquer the UK.’ The Guardian said, “Even though Blackpink has posted eight songs on the UK Top 40 chart, some are still surprised that they are on the big stage at a UK festival.” He emphasized, “The snobbish British music scene often takes the blame for what the K-pop industry was made for, but even they have to admit that K-pop music’s popularity shows no sign of waning.” The Guardian added that Fifty Fifty and New Jeans entered the UK charts this year.

The Guardian cited ‘the decline of British girl groups’ as one of the reasons why K-pop girl groups are gaining popularity in the UK. It is said that a K-pop girl group that went viral on social network service (SNS) is filling the space of British girl groups with a delicately tuned formula for success, such as catchy tunes and active choreography.

Claire Rodriguez Lee, who composed songs for Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet, said, “(K-pop girl group’s) music is catchy, their fashion styling is attractive, their choreography is excellent, and their stage production is meticulous.” There is a natural female power in ‘, and it seems to be saying, ‘Come to our group.'” The Guardian added that this camaraderie attracted a core fan base, mostly young women. In addition, communication with fans through S&S and personal bonds were also cited as one of the reasons for their popularity.

The Guardian said, “The British music giants have tried to copy K-pop and failed,” and “There is something special about K-pop girl groups in that the UK has not been able to replicate their style and success.”

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