‘Africa is also K-pop’ Nigerian Cultural Center Dance Academy Graduation Ceremony

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The Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria, affiliated with the Overseas Cultural Promotion Agency, held a graduation ceremony for the 2022 K-Pop Dance Academy at the Sheraton Hotel in Abuja on the 18th.

It was a celebration of about 40 students who completed the class held at the Cultural Center for 4 weeks from the 25th of last month to the 17th of August.

At the graduation ceremony, the academy participants, along with choreographer Kim Young-Jae, performed on a stage they had prepared for a month in line with K-pop, which suits Nigeria’s unique groove, such as NCT’s Beautiful and N-Hyphen’s Blessed Cursed.

About 100 Hallyu fans attended the event, including the director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Nigerian Ministry of Culture and a diplomat in charge of culture at the German embassy.

Memunat Idul-lah, director of international cooperation at the Nigerian Ministry of Culture, said, “It was a wonderful cultural exchange event that showcased a fantastic collaboration between K-pop and dance-loving Nigerians that are sweeping the world stage.”

Kim Chang-gi, director of the Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria, said in an interview with the local media, “We will do our best to spread not only K-pop but also excellent Korean cultural content throughout Africa, centering on Nigeria, which loves singing and dancing.”

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