A man who became a god himself seven facts about BTS Jin’s INTP personality type

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BTS Jin’s bouncing sense and outstanding creativity are focused on overseas media and attract attention.

Overseas media Allkpop recently published a column linking the MBTI’s ‘INTP’ type to Jin’s personality, a topic that has been popular on the Internet for years under the subject of ‘Creative Genius Jin: 7 Facts about INTP Personality Type’. Did.

As one of the contents of ‘2017 FESTA’ held to commemorate the 4th anniversary of BTS’ debut, the MBTI of the members has been released, and Jin corresponds to the ‘INTP’ type.

The INTP type to which Jin belongs is a rare type that only 3% of the population belongs. He has a high intellectual curiosity and uses excellent strategies based on a critical point of view.

The media analyzed Jin’s personality types into seven types.

The first of these is being analytical and intelligent. The media reported that ‘Jin won 47% of the games played in BTS’ content ‘Run BTS,’ and this was mostly a game that required fast brain rotation and abstract thinking,’ ‘Jin’s outstanding smartness and unexpected movements are He always surprises the members’, praising Jin’s unrivaled analytical power and intelligence.

Jin’s second personality, chosen by the media, is ‘creativity and ‘originality.’ The media said, ‘Jin is famous for thinking creatively,’ and highlighted Jin’s brilliant sense of genius. He continued, “Jin created characters that are the most popular with fans, such as RJ, Kore, and Bangtan,” “He devised new things for fans such as Heart Project, Itjin, Jinfesta, and Jinhit, and even his jokes are creative.” He expressed his admiration for Jin’s springing ideas.

BT21’s RJ, a character created by Jin, is enjoying tremendous popularity. Among the ‘BABY Jelly Candy Mini Dolls’ series sold through Line Friends on the 17th, the RJ doll was sold out at the speed of light first, causing fans disappointment. Interest was also expressed.

The third type of Jin is ‘excellence.’ BTS has planned creative content such as drawing pictures or making clothes or wreaths through ‘Run BTS.’ Among them, Jin attracted attention with his unique style.

In episode 99 of ‘Run BTS,’ florist Isaac, who played the role of a teacher for the members, looked at Jin’s work and gave high praise to Jin’s unique and outstanding sense, saying, ‘I want to work with him someday.’

He later said in an interview with Teen Vogue, “Jin always thinks about how his actions and words will affect others. I like people like Jin who solve problems from different perspectives.” revealed

The fourth characteristic of Jin analyzed by the media is an ‘open mind.’ The media mentioned Jin’s kind heart, saying, “The members say that Jin is a very open-minded and accepting style, and Jin was a good person even when he was young and tried to help everyone.”

He continued, “Jin’s future hope is to become a reporter to help the socially underprivileged, and he has voiced protests against injustice and prejudice many times.” “The members of BTS were influenced by Jin and helped them to open their hearts.” , ‘helped them to accept feelings that were considered weak, to accept themselves as they are, and to live happily without being influenced by stereotyped behavior

The fifth personality type is ‘philosophical.’ According to the media, when Jin was in college, his favorite subject was ‘The Philosophy of Life and Death.’ He also mentioned that he has his vision and philosophy of life, which allows him to remain open-minded despite any hardships and remain a kind, understanding, and cheerful personality.

Jin’s sixth personality is a ‘perfectionist.’ Jin, referred to as the member who works the hardest in BTS, does not neglect even the most minor things, and pays attention to the quality of everything he does.

The media said, ‘With his efforts, he majored in acting in college, and trained even the most difficult vocal techniques to become an outstanding singer and a great dancer with a precise sense of beat.’ In addition, Jin is a member who rarely makes mistakes, and he takes teamwork seriously.

Jin’s final personality type, as reported by the media, is ‘curiosity. The media evaluated Jin as ‘a person who made himself’. Jin can sing, dance, compose, economics, political science, cinematography, acting, and play guitar, piano, harmonica, etc. He has mastered all kinds of sports and has got several languages ​​to the point of being fluent. He is also a member who reads a lot, wants to learn new things, and finds new hobbies.

Other media outlets are dealing with Jin’s intelligence. ‘K-Pop Monster,’ a Japanese entertainment media, highlighted Jin’s intellectual side, saying that there are numerous evidence videos that prove Jin’s smartness. K-Pop Monster summarizes the scenes in which Jin became an ace and shows them, ‘Jin’s sharp sense and creative ideas are putting the members in shock,’ ‘Behind the humorous remarks, he has shown a great brain,’ praised Jin’s originality, saying, ‘The fan’s heart is hot for his intellectual side, which is contrary to his usual friendly appearance.’

Fans said, “Jin has a fantastic appearance and near-perfect physics, but in fact, his genius is cool,” “Jin always wins,” “He’s a brilliant person,” “I always feel he has a lot of sense,” ” Has Jin’s genius theory finally been proven?”, “I think he has a unique idea,” “I always said that Jin greatly influenced the members. It would be great to have a person like that around me” “It would be great to have a person like that next to me.” I wish there were”, “So what the hell is lacking? How can I be born as Jin,” “I’m embracing all the charms of the world by myself,” etc.

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