‘2021 Incheon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation’ Writers Company operates K-pop platform ‘Kooky.’

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Writers Company is a start-up that operates a K-pop platform, ‘Kooky.’ It was established in October 2020 by CEO Hami Kim (33). A cookie is a participatory (interactive) live K-pop platform connecting global fandom and artists.

A cookie is an open platform that helps new K-artists freely meet overseas fandoms. Cookies contain:

  • Real-time live fan meetings and concert service.
  • Artist social media linkage.
  • K-POP magazine publication.
  • Fandom community operation.

Artist consulting is also conducted based on small data from the fan market.

CEO Kim said, “Cookies are a platform for artists to communicate with global fans.

“The physical limits of the fandom are disappearing. Audiences around the world can freely share content. In this era, Cookie is a platform that promotes talented Korean artists to the world.”

Cookie invested a lot of effort and time to expand overseas partners this year. Currently, we are conducting marketing that takes advantage of the characteristics of each country’s fandom through partners. It actively utilizes K-pop fandom communities in North America, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

How did CEO Kim come to start a business? “Starting a business started from personal experience. Before founding, I had experience working with artists and producing. At this time, I started to worry about extending the artist’s life and making stable profits. The cookie service was born while thinking about how to alleviate the worries of artists and effectively connect the fans who support them.”

After the founding, CEO Kim said, “I feel the greatest reward the moment I meet customers who use the service and the moment that customers can have a different experience through the cookie service.”

Writer’s Company was selected for the Incheon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation Preliminary Startup Package and completed the cookie prototype. This year, it was selected for Global Investment Accelerating by the Global Startup Academy and the Korea Startup Promotion Agency. In May, it attracted 400 million won with angel investment and a matching fund.

Regarding plans, CEO Kim said, “I hope that cookies will become a platform for overseas fans to support K-pop artists through cookies, regardless of physical distance. I want to make it,” he said.

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