BoA Seventeen Hoshi, the K-Pop that idols talk about. The ‘K-Pop Generation’ part 2 main trailer was released.

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The main trailer for Part 2 of ‘K-Pop Generation’ has been released.

On the 9th, Teabing’s original documentary ‘K-Pop Generation’ released the main trailer ahead of the release of Part 2 on the 16th. Boa, Sunye, Sunmi, Jo Kwon, Seventeen’s Hoshi, IVE, Le Seraphim, Superkind, etc.

The released main trailer predicts BoA, Sunmi, IVE, and Le Seraphim will appear and tell stories that have not been easily accessible until now, including pride, identity, and inner feelings as female artists representing K-pop. In another episode, Jo Kwon and Sunye, who are known to be her old friends, appear and talk about how diverse the public’s views and prejudices towards K-pop exist and are being overcome.

In addition, K-pop as ‘music to show’ and ‘music to watch’ is also explored. Seventeen’s Hoshi and La Chika, who lead K-pop with powerful performances, will appear and talk about the characteristics of K-pop performances and the people who create splendid stages.

The final episode will add depth to the documentary by dealing with the future of K-pop, which expands without limits through AI and virtual idols.

The production team said, “In this part 2, we want to ask more questions to the viewers,” and “particularly, the stories of female artists who were not mentioned much in part 1, as well as various controversies surrounding K-pop, will be covered.”

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