WOODZ’s challenge to expand K-pop

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It is a guitar with a rhythm that feels like taking a pleasant walk. The strong rhythm of the distorted chorus tone creates a feeling of coolness like the wind.

This is the pre-released single ‘Abyss,’ which was released before the 5th mini album by WOODZ (Woodz·Cho Seung-Yeon). In fact, rather than the title ‘Abyss’ reminding us, it’s a song that feels quite comfortable, even refreshing. It would not be an exaggeration to say it is a spring song.

On the other hand, the lyrics contain the anxiety of not being able to open up. It’s difficult to show yourself, so you have to listen to the other person’s demands more to continue the relationship, and in the relationship, you take a completely passive stance.

The narrator says, “I will do anything you want,” and “I give up on me faster than you understand me.” He extends the line, “If I have one request,” and then draws a line, “Don’t try to know me.”

The songs are similar several times, throwing pessimistic words that would make someone in a romantic relationship fall apart. The process is sad but calm, raising the languid but grievous tension in the irregularly lengthened time. Even if it is a simple trick, it is a part that deliciously captures unique emotions and contents.

Those who have suffered from shrinking self-esteem can relate to the lyrics. It’s a unique way for a love relationship to be expressed in K-pop, and it’s also a song that bravely exposes the bottom of the spectrum of themes of self-esteem and consolation. It sings about the heart hiding inside the shell, but through this, it is like breaking a cover.

A sensible player who calls for changes in K-pop
The song exudes the scent of modern rock that communicates with folk sensibility. Although WOODZ has tried various genres, ‘Abyss ‘Directly refers to domestic indie rock even more exotically.

The melodic texture of careful lyricism and the tone of the vocalist who sings it softly with a light tone close to paleness sound, especially like that. But what’s even more interesting is that it wouldn’t be strange if any rock band played this song, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel awkward at all as a K-pop song.

It is a typical example of modern rock that starts with an acoustic guitar accompaniment, adds a bass, and heads to the end of the first verse with a full band, including an electric guitar and repeated drum hits. In addition, the consequent summative correlation created by evoking the same theme, the melody following a structured style within a single verse but developing relatively freely as if speaking, so the refrain is a little unclear; instead, it seems to be an additional female sound, the Strange postlude passages, etc., put this song on an ambiguous point. K-pop using rock bands, modern rock influenced by K-pop, or a feeling that doesn’t need to be differentiated that way.

WOODZ debuted as a member of the UNIQ group in 2014 and started solo activities in 2016. After participating in Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101’ in 2019 and working as a member of the debut group x 1, many people’s interest was also poured into his solo work. He has always been witty and sensuous, self-producing. He also used to question the boundaries of K-pop, cleverly dragging things that K-pop rarely touches into the realm of K-pop. ‘Abyss’ is also a track showing that WOODZ is a player to watch in the K-pop scene.

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