‘Comeback’ ONF, 6-person, 6-color charm that crosses reality and fantasy

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The group ONF showed off a unique concept that crosses reality and fantasy.

On the 29th, WM Entertainment, the agency, sequentially released individual cuts of new concept photos of ONF’s 6th mini-album ‘Goosebumps’ through the official SNS channel.

In the released teaser image, the members’ images captured in vintage electronic device items reminiscent of the atmosphere of the end of the century on a white background draw attention. Then, the atmosphere is switched with dark lighting. A different mood is emitted in a dreamy space where a geometric pattern beam is shot, conveying a colorful charm that crosses reality and fantasy. With a cyberpunk concept that reveals ONF’s unique identity, viewers are also immersed in a new world, raising expectations for this album.

ONF’s 6th mini-album, ‘Goosebumps,’ consists of a total of 5 tracks, including the title song ‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Whistle,’ ‘Fat and Sugar,’ ‘Alarm,’ and ‘Show Must Go On. In particular, as member MK composed four tracks, including the title song ‘Goosebumps,’ it foretells more mature ONF music.

ONF rose to the top of major domestic music charts with the title song ‘POPPING’ from the summer pop-up album ‘POPPING’ released in August and topped the charts immediately after the release of new songs for the third time in a row this year. In addition, it ranked 2nd on Billboard’s ‘World Digital Song Sales’ and 1st place on the local iTunes Worldwide Song Chart and K-Pop Song Chart for seven days, proving its increased global influence by receiving hot attention from overseas charts. In addition, the number of views of the music video exceeded 10 million views in the shortest time, and it set various new records, such as the first-week sales record itself.

ONF will release their 6th mini-album ‘Goosebumps’ on various music sites at 6 pm on December 3rd.

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