‘ BTS Jin, sincere advice through song. Beautiful inner ‘shining personality.’

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Foreign media focused on Jin’s heartfelt advice on mental health.

American media Allkpop reported on the 25th that Jin was selected as one of the Asian artists who played a significant role in dispelling the stigma of mental health problems.

With the headline “Good influence must be shared,” the media reported Bandwagon named Jin as one of the Asian artists who significantly impacted dispelling mental health prejudices and starting conversations.

It takes a lot of courage to speak publicly about mental health issues, but Jin was a hugely popular celebrity and brave enough to face millions of people.

For example, the media paid attention to the groundbreaking, lyrical and tremendous courage of Jin’s solo songs ‘Epiphany’ and ‘Abyss.’

The media quoted Jin’s story, “I should always be myself and never listen to the negative things that other people say about me,” emphasizing that the greatest treasure in a person’s life is himself.

Jin mentioned the story of going through burnout on ‘Abyss’ and later in an interview saying, “If you don’t know how to deal with your mental health, it’s best to confide in people who know how to deal with it,” “What I want to tell you is something else.

Just because people are having a hard time doesn’t make your troubles less. So whenever you’re having a hard time, tell other people that you’re having a hard time. Ask them to understand and comfort you. Please tell them so.”

The media disagrees with the stereotype that exposing burnout publicly is a sign of weakness, adding that true strength is living as you feel. Finally, Jin praised his beautiful inner life and radiant personality, saying that he shared wisdom with his fans and helped other members who were struggling mentally, and that, thanks to his high sensitivity and thoughtful thinking, he became a great role model or a person who could be comforted.

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