SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, ‘K-pop representative tiger’ Recognized by 6.4 million global fandoms

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Hoshi, a member of the group SEVENTEEN, was selected as the representative tiger of K-pop.

The global K-pop fandom platform ‘Whosfan’ voted on ‘[WhosPICK] 2022, the year of the black tiger, who is the representative tiger of K-pop?’ from December 28 to January 3.

An idol with the nickname ‘Tiger’ was nominated as a candidate for this vote, based on recommendations from fans received through Whosfan’s official SNS account. Beomgyu from Tomorrow x Together, V from BTS, Hoshi from Seventeen, Jungwon from N Hyphen, Yoshi from Treasure, Moonbin from ASTRO, Yoon from StayC, and Hwanwoong from Oneus.

Seventeen Hoshi took first place at the end of the voting with an overwhelming vote rate of 38.21%. Next, BTS V came in second with 25.76%, and TREASURE Yoshi came in third with 11.39%.

Upon hearing the news of the 1st place, Hoshi enjoyed the honor of winning 1st place by leaving a comment on the fan community such as “Thank you, Carats. I will become a more wonderful tiger” and “I will roar more passionately, Carats.”

Hanteo News published a unique article at 10:10, known as ’10 minutes of Hoshi,’ for Hoshi, who took first place in this voting. In addition, Whosfan plans to run in-app pop-up advertisements for a week.

Meanwhile, the global K-pop fandom platform Whosfan, after its official launch on May 22, 2020, succeeded in securing 5.5 million users in one year under the support of the global K-pop fandom and recently surpassed 6.4 million users.

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