‘Hot Rookie’ Omega X X Be X Right Some take over the large electronic display in Times Square, USA.

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OMEGA X, JUST B and LIGHTSUM heated Times Square in New York.

According to the global K-pop fandom platform ‘Whosfan’, on the 3rd, Omega X, JustB, and Right some took the top 3 (TOP 3) in the ‘Which rookie artist are you looking forward to performing in 2022?’ With the support of Whosfan, a happy birthday advertisement was sent out on a giant billboard in Times Square, New York.

The hot rookie’s Omega X, Justbee, and Lightsome, who debuted in 2021, received 50.72%, 18.99%, and 17.25% of the votes in the ‘Which rookie artist are you looking forward to active in 2022?’ held for about a week from the 11th to the 17th of last month. He took the top 3 in the vote.

The advertisement will be sent out for a week from January 31st to February 6th, local time, on a 47-meter-long billboard in the building right next to ‘tkts’, known as the heart of Times Square in New York.

On the morning of the 3rd, Whosfan released a local video of the advertisement broadcast through YouTube’s ‘Whosfan TV’ channel. Promotions were made by the global fandom of each group, adding meaning to the video.

Meanwhile, Whosfan sets up a large billboard advertisement account in Times Square in New York for K-pop artists who celebrate their birthday and global fans every week.

Currently, NCT Ten, Just Bee Jeon Do-yeom, Red Velvet Wendy, Astro Rocky, CIX Seung-hoon, BTOB Lee Chang-stop, I’ve Ether, The Boyz Kevin, Mamamoo Solar, Nature Haru, Cypher Hyun Bin are celebrating their birthdays in the 4th week of February, and Golden Child Kim Dong-Hyun is competing for the nomination. Voting closes at 11 am on the 7th.

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