Busan Tourism Organization unveils final lineup for 2022 BOF K-POP concert.

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The Busan Tourism Organization unveiled the final cast of the K-POP concert of the 2022 Busan One Asia Festival (2022 BOF) on the 4th.


Previously, Brave Girls, AB6IX, GOLDEN CHILD, and LE SSERAFIM were in the 1st lineup to brighten up the K-pop concert, and Kai (KAI) and (Women) were in the 2nd lineup. ), I-DLE, Wei, and LIGHTSUM were named.

The K-POP concert, which raised the expectations of Hallyu fans worldwide by completing the best-of-breed lineup, will be held at 7 pm on the 30th at Busan Asiad Main Stadium in Busan Metropolitan City.

MAMAMOO is the first protagonist to announce a sortie for a K-POP concert. Mamamoo, who has established itself as a representative K-pop girl group with excellent singing skills and splendid performances, is drawing attention after announcing a comeback after a year. Mamamoo, who returns with the twelfth mini-album ‘MIC ON,’ has made remarkable strides in all the members, so fans’ expectations are high for the synergy that will be demonstrated.

The second protagonist is Kang Daniel, a singer from Busan who has a close relationship with BOF. Since 2017, fans have been creating a unique stage with the Busan One Asia Festival, so this performance is also highly anticipated by fans. Kang Daniel, who successfully finished his first solo concert in Korea in August, is currently continuing his activities overseas. While she is expected to sell out on the N World Tour in the second half of this year, she will meet Korean fans in Busan after a long time through BOF.

YUJU, active as the main vocalist of the girl group GFRIEND and boasts a clear and pure tone, also joined the last lineup for the K-POP concert. She successfully released her first solo album ‘REC’ in January of this year, taking her first steps as a solo artist. In particular, she wrote and composed all her songs, and her musicality was also recognized. The stage Yuju, who is growing both musically and as an artist, is expected to embroider the autumn nights of Busan.

PENTAGON will also be performing on the K-POP concert stage. The new song ‘Feelin’ Like’ released in February, proved its global position by taking the top spot on the K-Pop Radar music video weekly chart. In addition, he recently held an offline concert in Japan for the first time in three years, recording sold-out all day and all seats, boasting enthusiasm even before the performance. At this K-Pop concert, there is a lot of anticipation as to what kind of stage will make the hearts of fans flutter.

Purple Kiss, which was called Mamamoo’s ‘brother group’ and received attention, will also meet fans in Busan. In the 4th generation girl group wars, they strengthen their position at home and abroad by showing off a different image like a geek. Recently, the 4th mini-album ‘Geekyland’ received favorable reviews and planned to introduce a new Korean wave through Japanese activities.

The 2022 BOF K-POP concert with top-notch K-pop singers from 13 teams. As it has been a long time since we met the audience face-to-face, we plan to maximize the charm of the offline concert by decorating the stage with various colors. The K-POP concert, which is held as the 2030 Busan World Expo Kindergarten Concert, will be sold online, and the final ticket sale will be held at 10 am on the 11th.

BOF, which marks its 6th anniversary this year, consists of various programs such as the K-POP concert, which is the center of the Hallyu culture festival, the park concert that all generations can sympathize with as a healing song, and BOF Land, where you can enjoy the fascinating culture of Busan.

The 2022 BOF is hosted by Busan City, hosted by the Busan Tourism Organization, and sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization, and will be held in Busan for four days from the 27th to the 30th.

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