Monthly Rising Star Introduction, Dream Rising in K-Pop Click

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Corona 19, which hit the earth, took away everything in life. Every day, the school she went to became non-face-to-face, and it became difficult even to meet her friends for a meal. Among them, the one that broke my heart the most was the blow on the festival site. As it became difficult for many people to gather in one place due to the coronavirus, events such as festivals and concerts were naturally suspended. As a result, K-pop culture was also hit.

As a concert lover, I couldn’t help but feel sad about this social phenomenon. Online concerts have appeared to replace offline shows, but it was challenging to bring out the realism of offline concerts. As Corona enters a long-term battle, recently, offline concerts and online concerts are also appearing.

‘Dreaming in K-POP Click’ hosted by World K-Pop Center (Click here for Dream Rising in K-Pop) is a concert that takes place both offline and online. ‘K-Pop Click’ is a platform that professionally produces K-POP content. Manufactures and distributes K-pop content such as online concerts and showcases. After registering as a member on the K-Pop Click website, you can enjoy content by subscribing to the channel where the content is running.

Dream Rising in K-Pop Click, one of K-Pop Click’s contents, is a concert to discover rising K-Pop stars. The monthly online show will be broadcast live exclusively through the K-Pop Click platform, and you can enjoy it again through the MBC M channel in the future. In the end, you can watch the performance video and talk corner video again on VOD on the K-Pop Click channel. The offline concert will be held at Namsan World K-Pop Center with an audience composed of the artist’s fan seats.

‘2ND DREAM RISING IN K-POP CLICK’, held on March 28, 2022, at 8 o’clock, was filled with the stages of Wow!, Rocket Punch, and We. I was broadcast live through the K-Pop Click channel. It will also be posted on the MBC M channel on Wednesday, April 6.

I attended the concert as an ambassador for the World K-Pop Center. The view from the performance hall of Namsan World K-Pop Center was so good that you could see the stage from any seat. This part seemed to act as a significant advantage. As I will explain in more detail in the second half, the set of consists of an opening stage, a talk corner, and a closing stage for each artist. The three teams of artists will decorate the stage with the same composition.

Although the concert has already been broadcast live, I will write a review about the stage with as little spoilers as possible for viewers who want to enjoy it through MBC M.

In this second concert performance, there was an opening stage for the whole performance. It was a stage for ‘Spring, Love, Not Cherry Blossoms’ performed by Minseo of Woowa! and Daehyeon and Junseo of Wei. It was a stage that fulfilled its role as the first stage to imprint the first impression of a rising star.

The first artist to fill the stage was Woowa! The five-member girl group Wooa performed two sets, ‘Let’s Go Picking the Stars’ and ‘Purple’, and had a talk time, each showing their skills. Even though it was the first time they had seen the group, it was a time when their passion and skills were revealed. It was the most memorable stage for me, and it was good to get to know the song Purple.

The second artist was Rocket Punch. Girl group Rocket Punch presented ‘Ring Ring’ and ‘CHIQUITA’, and a talk time focusing on individual skills followed. Rocket Punch was a group that debuted earlier than the two groups, so it made the audience feel comfortable on stage and talking.

Finally, We. My stage continued—boy group We. I performed ‘Too Bad’ and ‘Super Bumpy’. After that, the concert ended with talk time. We. I appealed to its anti-war charm by singing two songs with completely contrasting moods. We. I also showed various individual skills.

The characteristic of is the particular skill time of the talk corner. This concert aims to discover a rising star and deliver its charm to the public. The main attraction of idols is to come out on stage, but in fact, the real ‘indeed’ begins after the stage. prepared a talk corner to take advantage of that opportunity. If you show off the group’s charm on stage, you’re appealing to the individual’s charms with the individual skills of the talk corner. This can be a gateway to rising stars who are unfamiliar with the public.

In particular, the way the members recommended each other’s skills was refreshing. It has been proven that the members do not simply imitate the well-known technique, but that the members who would have watched each other from the nearest place do it. It is the surest way to let the public know about your charm. Although it is necessary to prepare the individual skills thoroughly, it is an excellent opportunity for the public to recognize the group and the individual, so it seemed that the artists could use it usefully.

Above all, felt strongly that the composition was tailored to the concert’s purpose and audience. The audience, suitable for appealing to the charm of the rising stars, is the public who do not know the group well. Therefore, if the performance time per group is long, or if there are many groups, viewers may feel bored or unable to remember the group.

However, in , the number of groups is set to three, and there are two stages per group and a talk corner of about 20 minutes. There was relatively little boredom through him, and after the stage was over, I was able to remember the group and its members for a long time. I remembered the names of all three group members after the stage was over. Informing the public of them can be successful only when the public is watching. Therefore, this composition that can fix viewers’ eyes is quite wise.

The viewing point of was Kim Shin-young, the MC. For this concert, the ability of the MC is more critical than anything else. This is because the role of the MC is for the idol to appeal to the audience, but to deliver it to the viewers. Kim Shin-young was the perfect MC for that part. For viewers who are not familiar with the member’s name, she naturally repeated her member’s name. The process revealed that Shin-Young Kim was perfectly normal with the members’ names, allowing viewers to recognize their names naturally.

In addition, Kim Shin-young showed innate ability in the distribution of talk. When there was a member who spoke relatively little, she continued to ask questions to induce answers, and if there was a member who was good at leading a talk, she emphasized the merits by complimenting them. She didn’t forget to imprint the group and individual on the viewers by assigning her characters to each of her members’ personalities. For example, after the performance, as Kim Shin-young said, I remembered the coincidence of Woowa! as the organizer, and I was able to remember Yoon-Kyung of Rocket Punch as an icon of trust. In the idol market, where it is essential to imprint her image, Kim Shin-young’s ability is essential. The sales effect of was amplified by meeting Kim Shin-young.

There were some areas for improvement. First of all, it was the screen. The theatre had a screen next to the stage, but it was not used during the performance. Of course, since the concert hall is so small, it may not have been necessary because the view could be sufficiently transmitted to the back of the audience without a screen. Also, the use of the screen may not have been essential since the performance was broadcast live. If the screen was not used for that reason, I felt that it would be more effective to promote the group if the name of the group or member was written on the screen.

The second was the sound. The music played during the prep time between the talk corner, and the stage was part of the next stage. So, at first, I thought it was an acoustic accident and was embarrassed. At that brief moment, I felt that background music was unnecessary, and I thought it would be good to change the selection of songs if necessary.

Finally, there is the adjustment of the torque corner. The talk corner, which showed the individual skills recommended by the members, was groundbreaking and unique. But there was no systematic feeling. To appeal to the members’ charms with their talents, they need to be conspicuously excellent or strange enough to be convincing even to first-timers. And since the talk corner is broadcast live, it should be conducted without space for conversation as much as possible. If the talk corner was trimmed more neatly, I thought I would be able to concentrate on the performance comfortably. If we could reduce the time in this part, it seemed that we could have time to introduce the title song and the b-side song.

is content that breaks the familiar framework and boasts a new composition in the current era of online concerts becoming popular. Currently, in the famous music market, the so-called ‘fan base’ has been formed so that only fans consume content. In this reality, concerts whose primary purpose is to introduce new artists can blow fresh wind in the market. Using an independent platform also serves as a competitive advantage. Using both online, recorded broadcasting, and offline listening is another way to increase the accessibility of performances. However, since both the concert and the platform have recently been serviced, it seems essential to actively promote that there is a concert like this. The strength and charm of the K-Pop Click Concert are that the show is held every month and that you can subscribe to multiple channels with one subscription.

Even though I couldn’t say cheers, the sense of presence was enough. As someone who loves the concert venue more than anything else, the offline concert that I was able to attend during the coronavirus was touching. Due to the nature of the show, which is broadcast live, it was impressive that the artists communicated with the audience as much as possible. The audience responded with applause, even though it was essential for the artists to look at the camera, perform, and comment.

Above all, it was nice to get to know different artists. On my way home from the concert, I listened to PURPLE by Woowa! Repeatedly. We. I’s Too Bad visited the stage once more and watched Rocket Punch’s wake-up call video. The set and charm of the newly discovered artist attacked my taste. I think this is the pure function of .

‘2ND DREAM RISING IN K-POP CLICK’ will be broadcast on MBC M on Wednesday, April 6. We hope you will meet new charms, Rocket Punch, and We.I. If you can’t watch the broadcast inevitably, you can watch the VOD as the VOD will be uploaded to the K-Pop Click homepage in the future.

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