Challenge Korean Movement Headquarters-Ukrainian Embassy, ​​’K-POP Cheering and Fundraising Campaign’ Cooperation

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As the war between Ukraine and Russia has been on for over a month, civilian casualties have also increased rapidly.

A Korean delegation who visited the Ukrainian embassy in Korea said that the event was planned to give hope to the people of Ukraine, who are fighting a decisive battle against the Russian invasion.

On the Korean side, Cho Young-Kwan, the standing representative of the Challenge Korean Movement Headquarters. Jo Eun-bi, the PR ambassador. Baek Jong-Cheol, the Gangnam Today representative. Ki Tae-Hyun, the blockchain security representative (Ph. The deputy representative of Ukraine, Ambassador Dmitro Ponomarenko, first secretary Oksana Petryaeva, and public relations officer Yulia Kaplan attended.

The participants had a meeting specifically about how to help Ukraine, which is in dire straits from the war.

Executive Representative Cho Young-Kwan said, “We are aware of the pitiful reality of Ukraine where so many civilians and children are being sacrificed, and we want to take on a challenge that gives us hope and dreams.” We want to help,” he said.

Ambassador Ponomarenko said, “I am grateful for the interest of Koreans in the war in Ukraine, and I request various support and support for the achievement of peace.” I hope that you will support cyber security technology.”

The Korean delegation attending that day presented various proposals to support Ukraine through their connections and social foundations.

CEO Ki Tae-Hyun proposed a plan to promote and donate to Ukraine as an NFT, and CEO Baek Jong-Cheol suggested that K-pop singers participate in relay donations. He also revealed that he is considering gathering K-pop singers and cheering them on at the concert hall.

The Challenge Korean Movement Headquarters said, “The hand of compassion towards Ukraine is unwavering, but I realized that the embassy’s staff are few and have a lot of work to do, so they are experiencing various difficulties.” “he said.

He continued, “It is true that it is difficult to properly perform a request for help from Korea, which is urgently connected to a situation in which citizens of one’s country are dying. We hope that this meeting will serve as an opportunity to raise interest in the Ukrainian war, which seems to be gradually fading away and to spread the necessary support from a humanitarian perspective as a pan-national movement.

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