Blanky’s fan meeting in Uzbekistan has been completed. K-pop new market

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BLNAK2Y has pioneered a new market with the success of the first paid K-POP concert in Central Asia.

After finishing the overseas fan meeting tour ‘BLANK2Y 1ST MEET & LIVE TOUR [FUEGO] in Uzbekistan’ held on a special stage in ANHOR PARK, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, for two days from the 4th to the 5th, Blanky said, ‘FUEGO (Burn it up).’ )’, debut songs ‘Thumbs Up,’ ‘Touch,’ etc., and various K-POP cover songs, giving energy. He also responded with the fan song ‘Constellation’ to a warm response from local fans.

In particular, Blanky’s performance on this day was the first paid K-pop concert in Central Asia. It received interest from domestic and foreign officials even before it was held. In this performance, where local fans of Uzbekistan as well as multinational Asian fans visited the venue and created a successful result, Blanky not only pioneered a new market for K-POP but also proved its potential and status as a boy group with the potential to lead the next generation of Hallyu culture. Did.

In addition, before the performance, Blanky signed a business agreement with KIMYO UNIVERSITY IN TASHKENT, located in Tashkent, promising to develop the entertainment industry, nurture content talent, and mutual exchange and mutual support for new business development.

Meanwhile, Blanky is meeting fans worldwide through the overseas fan meeting tour ‘BLANK2Y 1ST MEET & LIVE TOUR [FUEGO]’.

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