K-pop feast in Busan on an autumn night. ‘Good Night Concert in Busan’

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Concerts with famous domestic musicians will be held at night-view spots throughout Busan.

Busan City announced on the 31st that it will hold the ‘Good Night Concert in Busan’ every 7 p.m. from the 2nd to the 5th of next month in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Music Contents Association (Korean Music Association), and the Busan Tourism Organization.

The concert will be held for four days at major night tourist attractions in Busan, including APEC Naru Park (November 2), Yongdusan Park (November 3), and the Busan Cinema Center Outdoor Theater (November 4-5).

Ballad at APEC Naru Park (Class of 21, KATIE, SHAUN, WOODY, Gyeongseo, Jaejeong Park), Hip Hop at Yongdusan Park (Ash-B, DJ SKY&SQ, Dynamicduo, IIIBOI, Rhythm Power), and Trot on the 4th at the Busan Cinema Center (Heejae Kim, Director Song, Ji-eun Yang, Chan-won Lee, Myeong-seop Cho, Min-woo Hwang) and K-Pop (aespa, KISS of LIFE, POW, Eun-bi Kwon, ONF, Chae-yeon Lee) are scheduled to perform on the 5th.

Park Geun-rok, director of the city’s Tourism and MICE Department, said, “We expect many fans from home and abroad to visit Busan to meet famous musicians.” He added, “On November 4, one day during the concert period, the ‘Busan Fireworks Festival’ will be held in hopes of attracting the 2030 Busan World Expo. “We will prepare a substantial event so that you can enjoy a different ‘Starry Sea Busan’ night every day while you are in Busan,” he said.

Meanwhile, the city seeks to brand itself as an international tourist city and build a regional foundation for the K-pop industry, including signing a business agreement with the Korea Music Association last month to hold the regular ‘CIRCLE CHART MUSIC AWARDS’ in Busan.

The Circle Chart Music Awards is Korea’s representative K-pop awards ceremony held by the Korean Music Association every January since 2011 and is Korea’s only nationally recognized music chart.

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